Case study

Jake & Nayns
packaging refresh

Jake & Nayns hand make exciting street food with flavours inspired from around the world, for Food To Go and Food For Later that can be eaten hot or cold.

The Challenge

Jake & Nayns approached us to help them:

  • Provide quantifiable information about their target consumer/shopper
  • To inform the packaging design using current products in the same category
  • To use data to drive crucial decisions in their packaging design outside of their
    opinion, and/or direction

The Solution

“Vypr were brilliant, as we were able to initially test what was important to customers, test all our design options and to get to a design that we know is loved by our potential consumers. Our retail partners have given us fantastic feedback and they are reassured that we have done significant consumer research to optimise the packaging refresh.”

—Jake Karia, MD of Jake & Nayns

By testing current products and filtering results, Vypr were able to immediately establish key consumer groups.

We then tested a series of product and packaging options, using overt choice and split testing to identify the overall preferred design. We also looked at which designs best fulfilled the brief of looking like authentic street food, and being perceived as healthy and tastier.

Not only were we able to test which designs were best, but which design attributes were preferred and by which target consumer group. We then could tweak designs and another stage of designs were tested in an iterative way.

Optimised designs were then tested against a defined competitor to establish the effectiveness of the new design, and provide data to support Jake & Nayns’ sell-ins to key retail partners.

Left: the old packaging for the Naanster Chicken Tikka Filled Naan
Right: the new, refreshed packaging, guided by Vypr testing

Jake and Nayns are delighted with the results and the success of the process underlines the value of optimising every element of your product.

“We have worked with numerous online research agencies and the Vypr approach stands out. It is simple for consumers/shoppers to answer, which means you are more likely to get emotional, and therefore better, responses. The process is iterative, so you can hone easily and fast if need be. We have been super impressed.”

—Sophie Colquhoun & Caroline Hanna,
Founders of Category-Insight
(Freelance Sales & Marketing advisor to Jake & Nayns)

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