Case study

Matthew Walker Puddings
concept screening

Matthew Walker is the world’s oldest and largest Christmas Pudding manufacturer with over a 100-year heritage and is part of 2 Sisters Food Group (2SFG). They produce a wide range of Christmas Puddings and other ambient desserts for the UK and worldwide market. This includes significant quantities of private label and branded products for the retail and foodservice markets. In recent years dietary requirements have become much more important to consumers – particularly Free From, Gluten Free, Nut Free or Dairy Free – which means there are many more potential product options and configurations which have to be considered. It’s a time-consuming process to provide what their customers and consumers want, with the team constantly focused on optimising NPD efficiency and output during the development cycle. Vypr was brought in to help them increase efficiency and maximise innovative product output. Early indications show that we have had a significant impact on the early ideation phase alone.

The Challenge

The product and category team are extremely responsive when retailers ask them to produce a wide range of concepts to kick off a development phase. These concepts are then filtered to finalise the final products, often through several internal and external meetings involving multiple stakeholders. However, the difference between taking 20 product concepts through a physical development phase versus just 10 is huge in terms of time, human resource and operating costs. Development time and cost involves Kitchen Staff, Chefs and Product Development Managers, as well as the cost to produce a raft of samples.

The Solution

Matthew Walker asked Vypr if we could help them to help the team more rapidly identify viable concepts and products for their customers, which include many notable retailers. The Matthew Walker team subsequently deployed Vypr’s technology and eliminated many of the samples when tested for purchase intent across the consumer panel base – thereby significantly reducing the shortlist for retail customers to consider – and time/production costs invested by the whole team (including the retailer).

The Results

Matthew Walker have generated a high ROI on their Vypr licence, simply by reducing direct costs at product ideation stage. Vypr is now helping the Group across the whole development process to further iterate products to save money and predict future commercial success. 2SFG now use Vypr as an integral part of the product screening process; only focusing on the winners that are worth progressing. As a result, they produce far fewer physical products for testing.