Agile Meets Real-time Consumer Insights

Agile innovation and real time predictive insights equals unparalleled NPD success According to Newton Europe, £3bn a year is wasted in product development. This is because 85% of new products fail in the first year. Through our Agile, evidence-based approach Vypr predicts which ideas will fail or succeed at every stage of the development process. […]

Real Marketing ROI – Changing Behaviours

Reach, views, clicks, likes, shares, comments, influencer scores. Is there anything we don’t measure today to get to the bottom of what our investment in marketing delivers? It is no longer hard or expensive to measure the micro-outcomes of any marketing campaign.  Be it for a specific launch or just as likely today, an ‘Always-on’ […]

Developing sustainable food systems in the UK with Agile Innovation

The National Food Strategy report, released in July 2021, has called for food companies to urgently help address wholescale health and environmental issues within the UK food system. Climate change, protection of biodiversity and the global pandemic have loomed over the food industry and now, the pressure has increased, as the independent review of UK food […]

Winning a Waitrose Listing with Vypr Data

Naturelly is a challenger brand in the healthy kids snacks category. Their mission was to make a new snack product for children that is both healthy and fun. They came up with a range of Naturelly Jelly Juice, which is made from a gelatine-free jelly called gellan gum. With only 36 kcal and 7g of […]

Supermarket clothes: what makes George a top brand?

Asda is the third biggest supermarket chain in the UK by market share, after Tesco and Sainsbury’s. However, its own label of clothes, George, is likely the most popular supermarket fashion brand among UK consumers. To check this assumption we ran a multi-option steer* asking consumers which supermarket brands they buy clothes from. The four […]

Innovation: 5 Steps To Save Money, Prove ROI & Defend Your Budget.

growth roi

The pressure on Consumer Goods retail, caused (in part) by Brexit is undeniable: margins are under pressure and risk aversion is creeping in, all inevitably leading to one thing – downwards pressure on budgets. The need to commercially prove ROI has just stepped up another gear, as marketing, research and innovation budgets are often a) […]