Connecting the dots that drive shopper behaviour & product performance. 

Vypr’s technology connects your products to consumers like never before. We break down every element of new and existing product propositions into their constituent parts; testing their relative contributions to product performance with 1000s of consumers via smartphone, both online and in store.

We’ve never had access to so much data. However, the unconscious decision making processes of consumers (i.e. what product variables are driving them at the moment they pick up a product and decide to buy it or not) remains untapped. Our technology is fuelled by sophisticated data and behavioural science that unlocks our understanding of these drivers for the first time. 

Our panel is representative of the UK population. Within 48 hours, you’ll see – light as day – what is holding back a product and have the power to dial up/down features to maximise impact on shelf, in store and online.

We’d love you to be a part of it.

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Design, test, learn. Vypr helps supercharge your product innovation, getting you better products, faster.

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