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“Vypr has been part of our business for a few years and is crucial in helping us answer questions quickly… Often, we get answers within an hour, meaning we can make agile decisions on the fly and avoid the need for an expensive and time-consuming piece of ad hoc research!”

Research Manager, The Co-op

Early shopper concept approval
Early shopper product validation
Data-driven product optimisation
Higher on-shelf impact and product success rate

Make Better Decisions with Vypr

our platform

CPG-Focused, Specialist Platform

A platform built by people like you, for people like you. With Vypr, get hands-on client team support, 150+ years combined experience in Marketing, Category, Insight, and NPD teams, who understand what it takes to grow your business.

Maria, 39

Salt and vinegar!

Dave, 28

I like cheese and onion

our promise

Reliable Data at Speed

No more guesswork, we turn decision-making into a science. With Vypr, you can quickly understand how and why your consumers make purchasing decisions. We combine expert support with the latest research in Behavioural Science methodologies to ensure that you make the right product decision at the right time.

Kevin, CEO

Chris, 18 Student

Marcha, 22 Manager

Tim, 44 Chef 

Maria, 39 Lawyer

Dave, 28 Plumber 

Grant, 31 Teacher


Get you rapid results back in minutes

This simple 3-stage process offers consumer intelligence for decision-making, from product concepts, packaging formats, and product descriptions, to flavour variants, brand execution and much more.

“We like VYPR because we can get quick reads on initial ideas… and they provide excellent, responsive, customer support.”

our community

Understand your customers with the Vypr Community

Our proprietary panel is uniquely ours. Gain access to the Vypr Community – segment and target your ideal consumer, with results back in hours, giving you clear consumer feedback on initial concepts, product names, branding, packaging, pricing, and so much more.
“Vypr has been really helpful in evaluating lots of different things, particularly design and product naming to ensure that we land something that customers can really understand without going into a lot of detail” Head of Product Innovation, Waitrose & Partners

How Vypr Works



Questions uploaded through an easy-to-use desktop site
“Vypr has done a brilliant job for us because we can test a number of different things to talk about very quickly and come to the right conclusions” Global Product Director, Holland & Barrett

VYPR Can help you with…

Concept screening

VYPR identifies the strongest concepts by asking consumers at every stage. You get accurate intelligence about what the market wants to quickly determine which concepts are worth progressing.

“Since using VYPR, our development process has become much more efficient, as we explore a wider range of concepts before investing any time or resources in product development”




Questions are immediately issued to consumers mobile devices via our secure site.
  • Early shopper concept approval
  • Early shopper product validation
  • Data-driven product refinement
  • Higher on-shelf impact and product success rate
  • Faster decision-making and time to shelf
  • Less waste of resources and money


Not sure what packaging would resonate best with consumers?

Upload images of your packaging ideas to see which appeal to consumers the most. Test variations in colour, imagery, pack shape, and more, to understand how to maximise chances of listing and on-shelf performance.


Data is returned to the desktop application, providing rapid, accurate consumer insight

We used VyPops for a piece of work on directional trend insight for Product Development here at M&S Food. The ability to hear context on big trends driving product development but in customers own words has been hugely valuable.

Insight Partner, Food, Marks & Spencer

We have an absolute focus on quality.

Made from the highest quality ingredients.

We source only the finest ingredients.


Contains decadent chocolate, cream and rum.

All ingredients are from organic sources.


Recipes from the worlds greatest bars.

Product Claims

“Indulgent” or “Decadent”? “Healthy” or “Fresh”? Getting your messaging rights is key – now you can test which claims work best. By split testing your on-pack wording with hundreds of consumers in near real-time, Vypr takes the guesswork out of the process.

“VYPR paid for itself in the first month. For companies looking to develop profitable, more relevant, less costly NPD, VYPR is a superb investment.”

Park Cakes

Here’s how our customers have used Vypr to succeed.

Vypr helps Marks & Spencer with food trends research & product planning.

Using VyPops, our video steer, helped them create their annual Customer Insight Trend Report.

The videos received from the VyPops were included in the live digital report and shared with internal teams who need continuous access to this information assisting them in achieving their 3-5 year innovation pipeline vision.

Find out more in the case study below.

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