Innovate 2.0 - Innovation Thinking at Waitrose.

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What will you learn?

Presented by Emma Beale, Partner & Head of Innovation at Waitrose, you will learn about the following:

  • The end to end approach to Innovation
  • Innovation is risky, stagnation is lethal
  • What is next for food innovation

Reach innovation success

Who is the content from Innovate 2.0 for?

Reach innovation success

Anyone who works in...

The Retail, Manufacturing or Consumer Good sector looking to: 

  • Implement successful innovation, to generate world-class products
  • Adapt to a constantly changing environment, in a profitable and sustainable way
  • Transform innovation success, for the future

Meet the Speaker

Emma Beale is currently Head of Product and Packaging Innovation at Waitrose. 

“Waitrose is committed to maximising new product impact through more optimised product innovation. These goals are central to the principles of the conference. There has never been a more crucial time to address how we all innovate; this conference is a great platform to build on.”