The Best Tools For Accelerating Your NPD.

Here at VYPR, we’re passionate about technology and its ability to enhance the way we work and deliver products to consumers. Here’s a list of some of our favourite tools and techniques for getting ahead:

  1. Feedly Staying abreast of current news and trends is essential for anyone working in NPD. Luckily thanks to the web it’s now easier than ever to do so. Tools like Feedly allow you to follow food blogs, newspapers, journalists and YouTubers and easily organise and share content relevant to your product and sector.

  2. VYPR Market research can be inaccurate and expensive but VYPR (shameless plug!) allows you to conduct unlimited testing throughout the year by investing in a low-cost annual licence. The platform combines data, behavioural science, digital technology and FMCG expertise to accurately predict and improve your chances of achieving future product success. It takes just a few moments to upload images and questions to the portal, insightful reports are then generated within 48 hours. The VYPR score delivers an industry-standard benchmark for assessing innovation between retailers and suppliers, which can then be integrated with other data sources to strengthen future performance predictions. Many companies can also claim R&D tax relief on their VYPR subscription.

  3. Skype It may sound like a simple one but utilising a video call or conference service will save you both time and money travelling to and from meetings. Even if you’re tasting products you can still all do so at the same time but from different locations, just dial-in from wherever you are to be part of the conversation. Equally, if you’re a startup not wanting to waste money on office space and overheads and working remotely Skype can help you stay in touch with your team at the click of a button.

  4. Future Laboratory A subscription to one of the world’s most renowned futures consultancies will come into its own at theideation stage of the innovation process. Using data, facts and research by a professional forecasting company will help inform your brand strategy and keep you head of competitors. LS:N Global, their online insight network is also worth looking into. It’s a subscription-based platform with daily insights into consumer behaviour and key industry trends to help you make informed decisions about the future 

  5. Trello Clear project management is key to the success of any product but many of the tools that are out there aren’t intuitive or engaging. Trello is a visual project management tool that makes collaboration easy and help’s you see a bird’s eye view of your project. More often than not product developers are visual thinkers so the images, colours, labels and clean interface of Trello may be more likely to work for them than a conventional project management tool.

  6. eYeka In contrast with a more traditional product development process, online crowdsourcing and co-creation platforms have the potential to unlock a world of possibilities and answers by connecting you with both experts and creative consumers. eYeka is a global community of creators who are registered to the site to help solve brands’ challenges with fresh thinking, creative ideas and shareable content. Coca-Cola, Duracell and Oral B are all currently running contests on the platform.

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