This week, we’ve tested some of the new and imaginatively named products hitting our stores: Gigglewater Secco (prosecco in a can), Honest Tea, The London Essence Company Low Cal/Low Sugar Mixers Range from Britvic, Prohibition Brew from Budweiser and Mincepie Popcorn from Mackie’s. It can be difficult to decipher what is truly driving purchase behaviour in store and the results suggest that we’re perhaps asking too much of consumers when making decisions.

We use behavioural science to understand how consumers will make purchase decisions in store. According to the VYPR panel, 62% of respondents thought that Gigglewater Secco was Gin and Tonic, only 36% of consumers understood that Prohibition Brew was non-alcoholic, 55% thought that Mackie’s mince pie popcorn was high in calories. Although awareness of Honest Tea was 51%, less than 20% of consumers understood the USPs of the product. Conversely, the combination of low cal and botanicals seems to be working for our panel, with these all working together in equal measure to drive purchase intent in 50% of consumers on our UK panel.

We’re inspired by all of these amazing brands, their stories and commitment to innovation. We also understand that each is on a journey and we’ve lifted the products out of the context of any advertising/marketing strategy, designed to help consumers on their way to better understanding of each product’s benefits.

However, it suggests that we need to improve our intelligence around understanding what is driving product performance. From initial concepts, product names, branding and packaging to ingredients, colourways, pricing and marketing messages, the anatomy of every product is different and it can be difficult to decipher what is truly driving purchase behaviour. Every week, we test 1000s of variables that make up every product with consumers, providing cost-effective tools and techniques that deliver fast, statistically robust and consumer-led intelligence to enhance, accelerate and predict existing/new product performance.

If you’ve got a product you’re looking to launch that faces some of these challenges, we’d love to hear from you.

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