FMCG Innovation: Avoid The SKU Squeeze.

According to Nielsen, 3 in 4 new SKUs fail to generate £100K sales in their first year of trading. The UK’s top 4 retailers have delisted at least 7500 SKUs in the past year and the number of branded and private label launches is decreasing. According to the latest Newton report, discounters with just 1,350 SKUs are convincing customers that they have more innovative products than at a big four supermarket, which averages closer to 35,000 SKUs.

Dave Lewis, CEO at Tesco, recently issued this call to arms for manufacturers: “So much of what I see is renovation, not innovation. The opportunity for manufacturers to offer greater value through innovation has never been greater.” In short, it’s never been more important to prove that your EPD and NPD will stand up to scrutiny and VYPR will help you to do just that.
The Science of Competitive Advantage. 
From initial concepts, product names, branding and packaging to ingredients, colourways, pricing and marketing messages, the anatomy of every product is different and it can be difficult to decipher what is truly driving success and purchase behaviour in store. Every week, we test 1000s of variables that make up every product with consumers, providing fast, statistically robust and consumer-led intelligence to enhance, accelerate and predict existing/new product performance.
We’ve never had access to so much data. However, the unconscious decision making processes of shoppers remains untapped. Our technology is fuelled by sophisticated data and behavioural science that unlocks our understanding of these drivers for the first time. 
Get To Better Products Faster.

Ask anything of our panel of 1000s of consumers, available 24/7 via the VYPR App and website. Sit back and watch the results as they come in. VYPR makes rapid prototyping a reality, enabling suppliers and retailers to quickly validate unlimited hypotheses throughout the NPD process, from early stage product development to prelaunch refinement. Our geo-fencing technology enables consumers to answer questions live, during their shopping missions in store and at fixture.
Over 90% Of Clients Generate ROI & Renew Their VYPR Licence Every Year.

VYPR can save you £000s in product development and failed launch costs, as well as getting your product to market faster. That’s why the UK’s leading product developers, marketers, commercial managers, category managers and buyers choose to deploy VYPR every day. Every SKU can be optimised to the nth degree, ensuring that every product achieves its greatest potential.

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