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Low-salt options and consumer preference

Do consumers want less salt in their food?

According to a recent Grocer article, “salt levels in out-of-home children’s meals have got worse”. The study, conducted by Action on Salt, found that 37% of meals contained at least 2g of salt per portion, which is the maximum recommended daily allowance (RDA) for one-to-three year olds. The OOH (out-of-home) sector has been pressured by […]

American barbecue finding favour in the UK

American Barbecue in the UK

Barbecue in the United States is a staple in American tradition, since colonial times. In the South, pork became an essential ingredient to the barbecue since the 18th century, because of the ease of raising pigs compared to cattle. The three ingredients to a USA barbecue, are: meat, wood smoke, and a barbecue sauce/seasoning. The […]