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Nationwide mortgages – evaluating customers’ sentiment

The Financial Conduct Authority reported earlier this year that the UK mortgage market features a wide range of products on offer, competition on headline rates, and high levels of consumer engagement. Considering this high level of competition, it is important to evaluate customer satisfaction with the core aspects of mortgage products. A market that is working […]

Adult soft drinks: what do male and female alcohol reducers want?

Shows three different kinds of iced drink

The UK’s soft drinks market has faced both challenges and opportunities recently, resulting in a plethora of new product launches. The importance of several factors, such as health and wellbeing, flavour, and lifestyle, make innovation in the sector a complex process. The health-related highlight of 2018 was the introduction of the sugar tax, which forced […]

Feed: measuring the evolution in meal replacement drinks

Veganism has grown in popularity in the last few years reaching 2% of the UK population in 2018. However, this is not the main factor determining market growth in meat-free products. 22% of Vypr’s consumer community currently consists of self-described meat-reducers, i.e. people making a conscious effort to reduce their meat consumption. An increasing number […]

The new Cif Ecorefill: how much would consumers pay for sustainability?

Unilever’s Cif Power & Shine cleaning range has just added new Ecorefill bottles to its lineup with the aim to “dramatically cut plastic use and transport emissions”, according to a related company press release. Each Ecorefill is a 70ml fully recyclable plastic bottle containing ten times more concentrated kitchen or bath cleaning detergent, intended to be diluted […]

Shop-bought baby meals: which cuisines are best positioned to inspire NPD?

Starting from four to six months babies are gradually introduced to solid food, adapted to the needs of their age. Between this stage and the age when they start eating regular food, parents can either opt for buying ready-made baby meals or cooking baby food at home. The following baby food stages are commonly used: […]

Father’s Day – which businesses will benefit most from last-minute shopping?

Spending on Father’s Day celebrations is estimated to reach £834m in 2019, up 4.4% on 2018, with event sales having seen strong growth in retail since the beginning of the year. Restaurants could also boost revenue by offering various discounts and hosting special events targeted at the occasion.  Using a multi-answer steer we asked our consumer […]

Grocery refill stations – will Waitrose’s trial be successful?

Legumes and rice in bowls

The fight against plastic pollution has put pressure on supermarkets to reduce packaging, mostly resulting in more loose fruit and vegetables being made available. Waitrose has recently made a further step in this direction, attempting to spark a refill culture among mainstream shoppers. The supermarket chain has chosen a store in Oxford for an 11-week […]

Vitamin D supplements: future opportunities in retail

vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the most commonly deficient nutrients, especially in countries that enjoy less sunshine. For this reason, geneticist Steve Jones, one of Britain’s leading scientists, had recently encouraged people to take vitamin D supplements, despite previously having been a supplement sceptic. In a speech at a festival in Wales, Jones highlighted that taking vitamin […]