Father’s Day – which businesses will benefit most from last-minute shopping? | Vypr

Spending on Father’s Day celebrations is estimated to reach £834m in 2019, up 4.4% on 2018, with event sales having seen strong growth in retail since the beginning of the year. Restaurants could also boost revenue by offering various discounts and hosting special events targeted at the occasion. 

Using a multi-answer steer we asked our consumer community which retail channels they had used or would use to buy gifts for this year’s Father’s Day:

Supermarkets are the most likely location for Father’s Day gifts purchases. Retailers can take advantage by running promotions and perhaps a dedicated gift section. Online retail is also thriving in terms of gift sales, closely following supermarkets. Restaurant celebrations were picked by 11% of respondents, which presents some opportunity to operators. Despite being the option with lowest percent of votes, out-of-home meals could have a great impact on those restaurants which will use a targeted approach, e.g. a special Father’s Day menu.

In order to find out what kind of gifts consumers have already bought or will buy for the 16thof June, we ran a single-answer steer, including 12 options:

Greeting cards stand out as the single choice of the largest part of consumers, being an affordable and easy-to-find present. Shoppers willing to spend slightly more have opted for clothes, chocolate and beer. Personalised items, which are mostly sold online, have attracted a better-than-average 8% of gift buyers, which highlights the importance of online retail before Father’s Day.

As greeting cards were chosen by the highest percent of consumers and are a likely last-minute gift, we attempted to figure out which retail channels are best positioned to enjoy sales in the time remaining. We ran a single-answer steer, which gave the result below:

Supermarkets are the leading location, closely followed by greeting card shops. Physical greeting cards are still relevant in the digital age, with women being more likely to purchase them. Only around 18% of women opted for ‘None of these’ in our steer, compared to a much higher ratio of male non-buyers: 34.5%.

Last-minute Father’s Day gift shoppers are likely to visit their local supermarket and treat their fathers with beer, chocolate or a clothing item. Greeting cards are a quick and affordable purchase with strong sales in supermarkets and specialty greeting card shops.


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