Get Live NPD Feedback When It Launches: In Market Customer Tracking Just Got Better

In a recent podcast on the Future of Grocery, McKinsey points to price pressure for the malaise in FMCG innovation and the adoption of technology, automation and constant, iterative testing as its salvation. Launching NPD remains one of the biggest gambles in FMCG. No matter what investment you put in, the gap in understanding between what we think will happen when a new product launches versus what happens when a shopper faces on to the fixture is enormous. VYPR gives you live feedback from consumers on how NPD is performing and – more importantly – why your product may or may not be flying off the shelf.

The truth is that there is a huge gap to close when it comes to being able to track and monitor what’s happening in real time and a) respond quickly to successes and failings and – critically – b) understand what it is about your proposition that is or isn’t resonating with your customers. As the EPOS data flows in and your stakeholders line up for immediate updates on what’s happening to your NPD/EPD live in market, you need to have answers at your fingertips. Only VYPR can give you the rapid and statistically robust insights you need to get under the skin of why consumers are choosing to pick up your product or not.

You can access the McKinsey report here:

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Ask anything of our panel of 1000s of consumers, available 24/7 via the VYPR App and website. Sit back and watch the results as they come in. VYPR makes rapid prototyping a reality, enabling suppliers and retailers to quickly validate unlimited hypotheses throughout the NPD process, from early stage product development to prelaunch refinement. Our geo-fencing technology enables consumers to answer questions live, during their shopping missions in store and at fixture. 

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VYPR can save you £000s in product development and failed launch costs, as well as getting your product to market faster. That’s why the UK’s leading product developers, marketers, commercial managers, category managers and buyers choose to deploy VYPR every day. Every SKU can be optimised to the nth degree, ensuring that every product achieves its greatest potential.

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