M&S Food: A Masterclass in Incremental Innovation. | Vypr
Every year, we are inspired by the festive launches from the world of retail and M&S Food has long held a pioneering status in the innovation stakes, showcased annually at Christmas in store. Here at VYPR, we’re massive advocates of the power of incrementalism, defined as the gradual enhancement of product performance through a blend of innovation and marginal improvements, delivered over time, component by component. Just take our montage on the humble Christmas turkey and it’s obvious to see that M&S have been delivering a masterclass on this in spades for generations! M&S combine their inimitable heritage in food with a passion for seeking out new innovation and a relentless pursuit of enhancing and reimagining their existing range, with just enough twists and turns to entice the foodies that want to impress, without putting off their core audience looking for staple favourites.
New and existing products are harmoniously planogrammed at fixture (often with equal billing), in order to reassure and inspire customers in equal measure. Treasured favourites are given a new lease of life in festive golden packaging, new flavour profiles enhance existing ranges and every message, ingredient and name is meticulously considered, both in isolation and as part of the broader range and theme. Their Summer campaign was also a great example of this. At the heart of our ethos and technology is to give manufacturers and retailers the confidence to launch new creations and reimaginings of existing products by building stronger connections to their consumers. VYPR enables our clients to test, test and test again with our consumer panel to identify new concepts, refine existing ideas and understand every component of a product’s anatomy’s contribution to purchase intent. Road-test VYPR’s technology & consumer panel today. We’d love you to road-test VYPR, give us your feedback and enjoy the benefits of better product intelligence. We’ll connect you to 1000s of consumers and you’ll get unlimited opportunities to test your latest innovations or iterations.


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