National Food Strategy Report Response | Vypr

We welcome the National Food Strategy report, whilst wholesale change across the food industry is a daunting, a systemic change is what is needed to create long-term sustainability in the sector. The report was wide-ranging & comprehensive, incorporating the diverse stakeholders who contribute to and rely upon the food system. The holistic change will be refreshing yet challenging and the proposed three-year time frame will exert pressure on all those companies that are invested in the UK food system.

However, as a business focused on helping our clients drive better outcomes from product innovation, we were particularly pleased to read Recommendation 11 – to invest £1bn in innovation to create a better food system. The report states: “alongside innovation, we need evidence. Without good data, it is much harder to formulate good ideas, track their effectiveness or adjust them if they start to go off track. In writing this strategy, we found ourselves having to fight through thickets of jargon and dogma in order to get to the facts. We had to do a huge amount of data collection and analysis ourselves because so much of the evidence in circulation was not fit for purpose.”

We couldn’t agree more, innovation and consumer-driven evidence are going to be the pillars of driving change. Knowing the customer is going to be at the heart of the system evolution and we believe that Agile Innovation, the NPD methodology that increases consumer testing and validation, can create the pathway for the food industry to facilitate this change. Embedding relevant, predictive consumer intelligence throughout the innovation process can also have significant reductive impacts on food waste, wasted resource & energy, and overall innovation risk. At the same time, it can drive product success rates by enabling businesses to build truly consumer-centric product innovation that they can bring to market in the fastest time possible.

We will continue to work tirelessly in our goal to democratise consumer intelligence and enable businesses of all size in the food industry to access it throughout their product development & innovation cycles. Agile Innovation can play a significant role in achieving the long-term shift in food culture referenced in the National Food Strategy.

NPD Food and Drink Conference 2021

“Agile innovation has been at the heart of VYPRs company ethos, creating ‘better products,faster’… but this means the systems have to provide the correct level of depth, so clients have full faith in the platform and the appropriate consumer insight required to make informed predictive decisions. VYPR is hoping to change the way new product development is done, so retailers can be more responsive to market changes and trends.



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