Has the time come for bold wallpaper designs in the UK?

Wallpaper continues to be a popular choice when it comes to decorating, whether consumers are after an understated design for subtle interest or a bold statement pattern to give a room wow factor. We chose ten trending design styles and asked consumers whether they would buy wallpapers featuring them. The result is summarised in the graph below:

Marble, damask and brick scored highest, with over 65% of the panel responding positively, followed by bird & butterfly, a design featuring colourful birds and butterflies on a muted woodland background.

Floral and retro are the next two options in terms of popularity, both traditional and nostalgic. They could not make it to our top four but did well, with more than 50% of consumers likely to buy them.

The boldest designs – animal print, graffiti and typography – came last, unable to top 35%, despite a reported Pinterest trend for bold print wallpaper.

The next step in our research was to establish which option consumers would pick if they had to only choose one. We used a steer to ask the panel for a single preference out of the top four above. 507 consumers were shown three options at a time until all combinations had been shown, and the results below show the exclusive preferences made (i.e. where the consumer chose the same option every time it was offered):

This time our winner was bird & butterfly, highlighting that more than a quarter of our panel would pick a relatively bold wallpaper design as their final exclusive choice. UK consumers might not be ready for strikingly bold designs just yet, but preferences are certainly moving in this direction.