Traditionally it has been expensive to test new packaging ideas in the market. Making up physical samples, hiring focus groups, running marketing campaigns – you needed to spend a lot of money without knowing in advance whether your packaging changes would have a positive or negative impact (or none at all). Packaging changes, in other words, have always been an expensive gamble.

There is a better way. A much better way. By testing mocked-up packaging images with a large group of consumers in an impulse-driven environment you can gauge real-world purchase intent, generating more accurate results at a fraction of the cost.

To illustrate this, we tested three variants of a juice bottle. We changed the shape of the bottle, introduced a sticker tab, and changed the colour of the bottle cap.

In this trial we only tested purchase intent. For a more complete picture you should also test whether these changes impact pricing – e.g. can you charge more if you have a sticker tab? – and ranging, including being alert to any potential cannibalisation.

We used split testing to show different options to different consumers in our community. This provides more realistic results than showing all options and asking consumers to choose between them. For each test we changed just one variable to isolate the effect of that alteration.

For this particular product we found that only one of the variables made a significant difference to purchase intent: the shape of the bottle. We asked a thousand consumers the question “would you buy this product?” split between three options. Here are the results for bottle shape:

The straight bottle is the obvious loser of the three options, with the other two being statistically tied. We progressed design 3, and then tested it for cap and sticker tab variations. This identified that further variations wouldn’t materially impact the performance of the product, at least on a straight “would you buy?” question.

All of these questions can be answered in a single day with an hour of your time, using Vypr. Fast, powerful, accurate results to guide your product development process are now available in our easy-to-use, self-service platform, which connects you with our community of 45,000 UK consumers.


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