According to McKinsey, a staggering 75-80% of new products will fail in their first year.

VYPR is a highly cost-effective tool that can save you £000s in product development, market research and failed launch costs, as well as getting your products to market faster. VYPR’s technology makes rapid product prototyping a reality, enabling suppliers and retailers to quickly validate unlimited hypotheses with consumers throughout the NPD process, from identifying winners in early stage product development to pre-launch refinement. Every SKU in your category can be optimised to the nth degree, ensuring that every product achieves its greatest potential.


Upload images and questions to our online portal in just 2 minutes.


Receive live feedback from the VYPR community.


Accelerate decision-making, fuelled with clear, insightful and objective reports, generated automatically in 48 hours.


VYPR uses 3 types of question (we call them Steers) to establish consumer preferences.



Standard Steer 

Standard Steers are good for identifying consumer preferences on product concepts, packaging formats or designs, flavours, ingredients and brand executions. You can compare up to 5 variables to establish a preference.

Good questions to ask on a VYPR Standard Steer pivot from a simple “which” question: e.g. Which of these pizza concepts, products, packaging examples or brands would you buy?



Yes/No Steers are ideal for eliciting simple responses from consumers: e.g. Would you buy this pizza? Do you like vegetarian lasagne?

You can test up to 10 options within a Yes/No Steer. Once you have established a Yes/No response to certain propositions, you may then wish to identify the preference among these options by deploying a Standard Steer (see above).


Sensitivity Steer

Where you have very similar options to test (e.g. subtle variances in product descriptions, packaging designs or brand executions), it may be beneficial to use a Sensitivity Steer.

We’ll send different options to an independent range of relevant audiences. This provides you with robust insights into the relative acceptance of each option, which might not otherwise be picked up by consumers trying to spot the subtle differences in a traditional line up.


What Bright Blue Say

We have access to a lot of market data, but rarely does this explain why our customers behave in the way that they do. We use VYPR every week, not only to help us test new innovations, but to get closer to understanding what is driving purchase decisions, what we could launch in the future and propensity to purchase new product variants, drilling down at a retailer level. I am delighted to say that VYPR has delivered ROI for our business with key retail partners. The cost is reasonable, the validation technology generates trust in what we’re proposing and is much faster than traditional market research. It is also very user friendly and our product managers and sales people pick it up straight away.




What Morrisons Say

“VYPR is very exciting; it really helps us to validate our NPD.”



What Karro Say 

“VYPR is beneficial when it comes to making NPD decisions in challenging categories. It’s fast and simple to use.

We use VYPR to test pack sizes, USPs and product descriptors, as well as delving deeper into flavour profiles and usage occasions; ensuring that we get our NPD right first time.

Critically, VYPR also provides us with the evidence we need to support our strategies with retailers and they respond well to the results.”



  Trial VYPR

We’re offering you the opportunity to test VYPR for just £249 per category per week. You’ll be able to test an unlimited number of Steers for up to 4 weeks. After your trial, clients switching to an annual licence receive a discount of £995 per category in their first year.

£249 per week

And £995 off if you upgrade to annual.


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