Why Do Consumers Buy Ready Meals?

We used the Vypr consumer community to understand the reasons why consumers purchase ready meals and if they consider them to be healthy

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We asked our consumer community why they buy ready meals.

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Why do you buy ready meals?

To understand new opportunities for the ready meals category, we asked our community who purchase ready meals why they do so.

We have filtered by age. Whilst the majority said they buy them to save time, it is more so in older buyers. Click the filters to see more.

Please note this was a multiple-answer question, which allows consumers to select all that apply.

They taste nice
I don't cook / enjoy cooking
They are nutritious
They offer me variety
They save me money
They save time
None of the above

Do you view ready meals as healthy options for eating?

To understand consumer perception towards healthy ready meals, we asked our nationally representative community if they considered ready meals as a healthy option.

We filtered by those who identify as male or female. Interestingly, men are more likely to perceive ready meals as a healthy option than women. Click the filters to see more.

It depends on the product

The results are in...

Overall, consumers mainly buy ready meals to save time and some enjoy the taste and variety they provide. When it comes to ready meals being healthy, consumers believe it depends on the product.

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