Advanced Segmentation

Segment your research and target your ideal customer base with an advanced audience segmentation tool. Try Vypr’s product intelligence platform for insights that are streamlined, relevant and impactful.

Vypr’s advanced customer segmentation

At Vypr, we recognise that effective customer profiling and customer segmentation tools are crucial for deriving meaningful insights. However, we also understand the challenges associated with customer segmentation solutions, such as high costs and complexity.

With the Vypr platform, once hard-to-reach audiences are now accessible thanks to our Vypr Community, a diverse and vast proprietary panel. You can segment customers within this community to precisely replicate your target customer groups and collect data that is accurate, relevant and reliable. 

The customer segmentation technology built into our customer insight platform simplifies the customer segmentation process and reduces the costs typically associated with it. We’ve developed an array of consumer targeting options that make valuable insights more accessible to product teams.

Would you like to see more gender-neutral/inclusive makeup products?

Not sure

Sent to those who buy skincare products

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Public demographics

Included with your basic licence, our Public Demographics feature allows you to easily conduct consumer segmentation based on generic characteristics. This includes attributes like age, gender, or household income.

You can filter your sample by over 50 free public demographics. This allows you to easily pinpoint your target audience segments for optimised data collection.

Private demographics

Achieve more specific customer targeting with the addition of user behavioural analysis. Our Private Demographics audience segmentation option is ideal for focusing on particular attributes, opinions, or behavioural patterns that aren’t covered by our Public Demographics.

You can target category or brand purchasers, segmenting them by attitudinal statements, frequency (light, medium or heavy) or other criteria. This tailored approach to customer profile segmentation ensures you’re connecting with the most relevant audience.

Over 90% of our clients have Private Demographics set up. Your dedicated Customer Growth Partner will collaborate with you to set up Private Demographics. This will help you optimise your customer segmentation and analysis according to your research objectives.

Have you switched from branded products to own-label products?

Yes, I now mainly buy own-label
Only in certain categories
I’ve always bought own-label products
No I’m still buying brands

Sent to a Nationally representative sample

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Basic Segmentation

Basic Segmentation allows you to combine up to three attributes, each with no more than five options. This allows for behavioural segmentation and demographic segmentation with up to 125 possible combinations. For example, you could target your research to 25-35-year-old women who shop at Tesco.

Your Customer Growth Partner will help you define your customer attributes and enhance your customer segmentation strategy to reach the audience that matters most.

Advanced Segmentation

Vypr’s Advanced Segmentation allows you to combine more than three attributes in your customer segments.

Our Customer Growth Team will collaborate with you and your research agency to replicate your own segmentations or personas on the Vypr platform.

Retailer Segmentation

Is your research focused on a particular retailer that you’re working with?

With Vypr’s Retailer Segmentation, you can demonstrate how appealing your products are to the people who shop in specific retail stores most frequently.


Our intuitive interface allows you to target customer segments with weightings. This means you can create a Profile that is proportionally representative of your target audience.

Our free-to-use National Representative Profile is an innovative customer segmentation tool that ensures your responses come from a nationally representative mix of demographics.

Why is customer segmentation important?

Customer segmentation is the cornerstone of successful consumer research. It enables you to target the right audience by uncovering actionable insights, exploring results at a granular level, and making informed decisions.

Vypr’s platform features some of the most comprehensive customer segmentation resources available. Get started with Vypr to unlock advanced customer profiling and segmentation capabilities. Gain the robust consumer insights you need to drive agile product innovation.

Create products that increase customer experience and customer loyalty with Vypr’s audience segmentation platform. 

Customer-centric product development

Armed with a better understanding of customer behaviours, preferences and needs, you can develop more successful products. This will allow you to capture new customers and improve the overall customer journey, improving customer satisfaction and customer retention.

Targeted, relevant messaging

Understanding your target segment is key to business success. The consumer insights you receive through Vypr are not only statistically robust but also highly relevant to the niche audiences you are targeting. With Vypr, you can develop marketing strategies and messages tailored precisely to your consumers’ preferences and values.

Increased revenue and profitability

Leave guesswork in the past. With the Vypr platform, you can leverage high-quality customer data based on efficient target audience segmentation. This allows you to improve your marketing campaigns and develop more successful products.

Develop products tailored to your consumers with Vypr

Vypr is the world’s leading product intelligence platform that enables businesses to rapidly understand changing consumer behaviour through fast, cost-effective consumer insight.

Use our platform’s audience segmentation features to reach the right audience more efficiently and develop successful products that resonate with your consumers.