Delivering product intelligence in Australia

Discover Vypr’s solution to product intelligence in Australia. Access robust, actionable insights to help your business deliver winning products in Australian markets.

The Australian market

The Australian consumer landscape is a vibrant mix of urban-centric, digitally savvy shoppers in a multicultural society.

Australians are known for their high digital adoption rates, environmental consciousness, and focus on health and wellness. Quality often trumps price, especially in terms of food and beverages, while the outdoor lifestyle and unique coffee culture shape spending habits.

The Australian market is characterised by a strong ‘buy now pay later’ trend, a supermarket duopoly, and housing market influences on consumer confidence. Australia’s seasonal reversal compared to the Northern Hemisphere also adds a distinctive twist to retail cycles.

This combination of factors creates a unique and dynamic consumer environment that businesses must understand when operating in or entering the Australian market.

  • Capital: Canberra
  • Currency: $ (AUD)
  • Population: 26,100,000
  • Primary language: English (Australian)
  • GDP growth: 2.7%
  • Inflation rate: 3.6%
  • Total MR spend: $2.8bn (rank #4)
  • MR spend per capita: $94

How can we help?

Vypr’s purpose-built platform integrates directly with a large and diverse Australian proprietary community, reflecting the nation’s multicultural landscape. This empowers you to centre your development process around Australian consumers’ unique needs. It also fosters enhanced user experiences, resulting in improved product performance and higher customer success rates.

Rather than relying on assumptions, you can make informed, data-driven decisions. Our product intelligence solutions streamline your development process by providing swift, cost-effective data specific to the Australian market. By directly engaging with local consumers, you gain precise insight into what appeals to them.

This allows you to develop a deeper understanding of your target market, whether you’re catering to coffee enthusiasts in Melbourne or health-conscious families in Sydney. Our platform helps you navigate the unique aspects of Australian consumer behaviour, from their design preference to their increasing focus on sustainability and local products.

Would you be open to hiring an EV if it’s an unknown brand?

Yes, but only if it has good reviews
I’m not sure
Yes, but only if it’s cheaper
No, I would not consider this

Sent to consumers who hire a vehicle at least once a year

Precision targeting to find the right audience

The Vypr Australian sample is extensive, supporting a vast array of consumer targeting capabilities that reflect the nation’s unique demographic landscape. Our proprietary panel grants you access to previously hard-to-reach Australian audiences, from urban professionals to regional consumers.

Our Public Demographics feature enables precise targeting based on characteristics specific to the Australian market. This enables you to tailor your research to diverse population segments.

For more nuanced targeting, our Private Demographics let you focus on attributes unique to specific consumers.

This includes category or brand purchasers in the Australian market, segmenting by custom criteria such as the following.

  • Attitudinal statements relevant to local values (e.g. environmental consciousness or preference for Australian-made products)
  • Purchase frequency (light, medium or heavy)
  • Lifestyle choices (e.g. beachgoers, coffee enthusiasts, or sports fans)

This tailored approach ensures you connect with the audiences that matter — whether you’re targeting young families in Brisbane, retirees in Adelaide, or multicultural communities in Western Sydney. Your dedicated Customer Growth Partner will work closely with you to determine and optimise your Privat

“Using Vypr to validate our product name and packaging design was a game-changer for us. It enabled us to precisely target our potential consumers and gain valuable insights into how the new product would be perceived before moving forward with production.”

General Manager ,
Sales and Marketing

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Blended methodologies that deliver robust outputs

Our premium blend of qualitative and quantitative research includes comparative and monadic testing. This enables our clients to uncover precise insights into Australian consumer intent, preferences and behaviour. Our methodology ensures data accuracy across various testing scenarios, from product concepts to brand execution and packaging formats.

Consistent data reliability empowers developers and marketers to make crucial decisions based on accurate insights into the Australian consumer landscape. Whether your products are destined for Woolworths shelves or local farmers’ markets, you can trust in the value and reliability of our data.

We integrate behavioural science principles into our research methodology. Our knowledge of human response systems empowers us to develop unique Steers (our word for questions) that elicit instinctive ‘System 1’ responses.

This approach enhances your understanding of local consumer actions and builds product intelligence by providing data that authentically reflects typical Aussie buying behaviour. From preferences for flat whites in Melbourne cafes or surfboard designs for Gold Coast beaches, our methodology helps you capture the nuances of the Australian market.

How does it work?

Our clients work closely with an in-house team of market researchers and Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) professionals. These experts guide and shape the right method-based approach for the task at hand. Our commitment to robust, consumer-centric solutions ensures we provide trusted product intelligence for brands across international markets.

We recognise that the foundation of world-class market research lies in the underlying audience quality, and have cultivated strong relationships across proprietary communities. This facilitates our precision targeting capability, strengthens our ethos of data integrity and representativeness, and ensures we provide customers with reliable and actionable consumer insights.

Step 1

With modern technology, expert researchers, and attention to detail we deliver great results for our customers. Work with our expert Customer Support Team to define your requirements and we’ll recommend a tailored and robust research methodology to meet them.

We typically take a blended approach, combining both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. We offer the opportunity to conduct monadic, comparative and A/B testing, apply sentiment analysis, gather consumer insight videos, and much more.

Step 2

Vypr’s precision targeting capability is now available across Australia and other international markets. Precision targeting helps customers to conduct research with accurate and useful outcomes. This development empowers customers to identify and gather highly specific and relevant data from audiences worldwide.

Our advanced segmentation features mean we can create and attach bespoke attributes to our audience. We call these Private Demographics. They provide customers with both a targeting and filtering utility, which is unique to Vypr and ensures that customer outputs are precise.

Once our Steers are published, we receive fast, cost-effective responses, with results available shortly after.

Step 3

Steer results are available in several different formats but include both graphical and tabular as standard. Analysis is detailed and robust, providing our clients with reliable insights on which to base their decisions.

Our team is also available to provide additional analysis when required. We’re experienced in helping to define the ‘so what?’ and transform product intelligence into action.

Our agile and flexible approach ensures that fieldwork is supercharged and that results are available quickly. All reporting data is clear and easy to understand, and customers can request information in multiple formats. We know transforming insights into action isn’t easy. That’s why the Vypr team is always on hand to support the final stage of the process, addressing the ‘so what?’.

Discover how brands are leveraging Vypr’s international research capabilities in Australia to gather product intelligence and win in a competitive market.

Vypr: Reliable insights for agile innovation & winning products

Vypr is the world’s leading product intelligence platform that enables businesses to understand changing consumer behaviour through fast, cost-effective consumer insight.

Our services allow customers to access robust product intelligence in Australia and other international markets [LINK:]. We’re able to maintain depth by pairing this with our unique approach to targeting.

We also offer our world-class customer support, behavioural science-backed methodologies, and a robust brand tracker to help you improve your business and product performance.

Have you ever bought a ‘product exclusive’ that was only available in a certain retailer?


Sent to a nationally representative sample

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Worldwide consumer and market intelligence

We’re excited to be able to offer our customers a global product intelligence platform. At Vypr, we have been helping customers successfully access product intelligence in Europe for the last 5 years.

We find that most of our customers want to work with a single trusted market research agency that can service their requirements across multiple countries.

The expansion of our communities to include capability across more international markets underlines our ongoing commitment to investing in our customers’ success. Our international agenda will propel Vypr into 6 continents.