Vypr Community

With Vypr’s online consumer insight platform, you can enhance your research and place the consumer voice at the heart of your product innovation process.

Vypr steer about cultivated meat.

Our Community

The Vypr Community platform consists of over 75,000 participants and is uniquely ours. As it’s our own proprietary panel, we have the ability to control sample design and consumer recruitment. We also employ thorough user validation and testing to maintain rigorous data quality standards.

We manage the recruitment of our online community to ensure the sample is representative of the population in key demographic criteria, including age, gender and region. Thanks to our tailored solutions, it’s easy to access and engage with usually hard-to-reach audiences.

Vetted Community

We put a lot of emphasis on the recruitment of our community members. We only recruit users from vetted sources who have verified consumer profiles. We also implement our own comprehensive validation process.

We track open responses, flag and resolve invalid data, and run monthly integrity steer checks that help us identify and remove unreliable panellists. This helps ensure the analytics from our consumer panel testing remain robust and reliable so your company can develop effective market and brand solutions.


The Vypr app allows you to create and send steers (our version of questions) straight to your target audience, who will then provide feedback. This direct community engagement results in the most relevant and valuable insights possible.

Your dedicated customer growth partner will work with you to identify your ideal consumers. They will support you in using our online community platform features to tap into this group’s opinions, habits and interests effectively. This benefits your company by allowing you to customise your product development according to your targeted knowledge base.

Rapid Responses

We apply behavioural science to our quantitative and qualitative research methodology. Instead of providing long-winded questionnaires, our consumer research panel uses short, fast and monadic steers that encourage quick user responses. This ensures reliable platform insights by generating data that is truly reflective of customers’ typical buying behaviour. 

Our consumer panels help you improve your product functionality to effectively meet user needs and outrank competitor brands. Using Vypr validation technologies throughout the product development process ensures you are creating a product that customers want. This saves on costs by reducing the risk of having to make changes further down the line.

Qualitative or Quantitative Feedback

Our cost-effective customer insights platform enables you to engage with online communities. You can get consumer feedback on your products within hours of publishing your steer. 

There are various types of steers you can use to gain quantitative or qualitative data and analytics from the Vypr Community. These include text insights or video replies (also called VyPops). Each community member response helps you decide how to create the best product for your target market.

Benefit from our consumer research platform by testing any criteria of your product or services throughout the product development cycle.

Why is consumer insight important for product development?

Stay ahead of competitors and anticipate future market and consumer trends with actionable insights directly from your target demographic.

We support you in building better products that your consumers will love. We ensure high-quality data by moderating the members of our consumer community and applying behavioural science to our research methodologies. Our platform allows you to focus on developing products that reflect shopper behaviour, needs and preferences.

Get robust and reliable consumer intelligence with Vypr

Vypr is the world’s leading product intelligence platform. Understand rapidly changing consumer behaviour through fast, cost-effective consumer insight.

Connect directly to your target market to make better products faster with our consumer panel, the Vypr Community.