Agile Innovation

Send better products to market faster with the use of agile innovation methodology.

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What Is Agile Innovation?

‘Agile’ is a way of thinking about and structuring your product development process. Agile Innovation is a methodology that carries across all departments in a company committed to growth through innovation.

Streamline your product innovation process with an agile approach. An agile innovation strategy involves adopting a flexible, feedback-driven collaborative system throughout your innovation process. This strategy relies on high frequency, iterative improvement, encouraging flexibility and quick responses to validated feedback.

How Does Agile Innovation Work?

‘Agile’ was originally found in software development. We have adapted and refined the principles to work seamlessly with your product development, no matter the industry you’re in.

We integrate design, product and marketing functions and focus heavily on micro-testing at every stage. This allows stakeholders and, crucially, consumers to validate ideas before they become a potentially expensive reality.

Micro-testing At Every Stage

Micro-testing means testing all aspects of your product at every stage of the process. You’ll have access to the Vypr Community, an engaged group of over 75,000 vetted consumers.

Our community provides fast, reliable insights on every aspect of your product through our mobile-only consumer app.

Data-driven Product Optimisation

Continually improve and refine your products using our reliable quantitative and qualitative data insights to carry out successful innovation strategies.

This allows you to make data-driven decisions based on real consumer responses every step of the way.

Early Consumer Product Validation

Tailor your products exactly to what your market is looking for by involving your target consumers early on in the product development process.

The agile innovation approach helps prevent costly changes at the end of the product development cycle and increases your chances of success.

Why Is Agile Innovation Important For New Product Development (NPD)?

Agile innovation strategies help you adapt your products as you develop them to create a final product consumers will love. This advanced feedback gives you and your team members a competitive edge.

An agile product development life cycle helps you:

  • Respond more quickly to changes in consumer preferences
  • Reduce the risk of failure by micro-testing at every stage
  • Improve customer satisfaction through comprehensive feedback from real people
  • Launch products faster by accessing better data sooner
  • Adapt and change priorities quickly by identifying potential blockers early
  • Increase team productivity by adopting agile principles that streamline internal processes

Our goal is to help you build better products by understanding changing consumer behaviour through fast, cost-effective consumer insight. Our agile methodology and behavioural science-backed product intelligence platform enable you to tailor your products to consumer needs at every step.

Data-driven Agile Innovation Methods

Consumer Data From Real People

Get fast, robust insights from real people with our mobile-first consumer panels. During the agile product development process, you can get real consumer feedback on every product element, including the product name, packaging and messaging.

Expert Support

The Vypr support team has over 150 combined years of experience in product innovation. We’re ready to help you leverage the power of agile techniques and product intelligence. Get hands-on client team support with Vypr’s dedicated and experienced team of client managers and industry professionals

Cost And Time-saving

Implementing an agile innovation framework allows you to not only anticipate consumer responses but access them in real time. This prevents the need for costly and time-consuming changes further down the line.

Robust Methodology

Our steers (Vypr’s unique question format) offer straightforward, monadic and comparative methodologies for thorough testing. This includes A/B blind tests and testing new ideas against competitors on the market.

Deliver Better Products Faster With Vypr

Vypr is the world’s leading product intelligence platform that enables businesses to rapidly understand changing consumer behaviour through fast, cost-effective consumer insight.

Agile innovation is the way to build better products fast. Sign up with Vypr to implement agile methods that can elevate your product development processes from concept to completion.