What do consumers really think of your brand?

Our brand tracking service 'Do They Love Us?' gives you a fast, agile & robust analysis of your brand.

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Fast Results

Our service includes a comprehensive report delivered to you which can directly go into your reporting/analysis.  No more wading through data to create reports.

Easy to Interpret Reporting

Do you have twenty product ideas? Ten? Vypr identifies the really strong concepts by asking consumers at every stage. You get accurate Intelligence about what the market wants, to quickly determine which concepts are worth progressing.


Our 12 standard measures are comprehensive and effective in nearly every case.  You can request your custom measures or work with us to create bespoke reporting.

Service and Support

Using the Do They Love Us service unlocks your time, safe in the knowledge that you’re supported by experienced industry professionals.

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Noble Foods

”We used the Brand Tracker to understand the impact of our increased advertising spend, and it was able to quickly demonstrate that our new strategy was working.”

Matt Davies, Marketing Controller, Noble Foods