International research capability with our global product intelligence platform

Get fast, cost-effective insights with Vypr’s international research capability to understand your target consumers better. Refine your existing and new product development processes with our global product intelligence platform.

Worldwide consumer and market intelligence

We’re excited to be able to offer our customers a global product intelligence platform. At Vypr, we have been helping customers successfully access product intelligence in Europe for the last 5 years.

We find that most of our customers want to work with a single trusted market research agency that can service their requirements across multiple countries.

The expansion of our communities to include capability across more international markets underlines our ongoing commitment to investing in our customers’ success. Our international agenda will propel Vypr into 6 continents.

How does it work?

Our customers work closely with in-house market research experts and Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) professionals. This team guides and shapes the right methodology-based approach for the task at hand. Our strong emphasis on delivering robust, consumer-centric solutions ensures that we’re a trusted partner for customers seeking product intelligence across international markets.

The foundation of world-class market research lies in the underlying audience quality. We recognise this and have cultivated strong relationships across proprietary communities. This facilitates our precision targeting capability, strengthens our ethos of data integrity and representativeness, and ensures we provide companies with reliable and actionable consumer insights.

1. Define your requirement and lock down the methodology

We combine research expertise with advanced technology and great people to deliver reliable product intelligence solutions. Work with our expert Customer Support Team to define your requirements, and we’ll recommend a tailored and robust research methodology to meet them.

We typically take a blended approach, with a focus on both qualitative and quantitative research. We offer the opportunity to conduct monadic, comparative, and A/B testing, apply sentiment analysis, access video responses, and much more.

2. Agree the targeting and execute the fieldwork

Precision targeting tools allow customers to conduct research with accurate and useful outcomes. Vypr’s precision targeting capability is now available across all international markets. This development empowers your business to gather highly specific and relevant data from the audiences that matter.

Our differentiated approach to targeting means that we can create and attach bespoke attributes to our audience. These Private Demographics enable international segmentation. They provide a targeting and filtering utility which is unique to Vypr and ensures precise outputs for a distinct competitive advantage.

Easily publish Steers (our term for questions) and receive responses quickly, with results available shortly after.

3. Data to insight, insight to action: addressing the ‘so what?’

Steer results are available in several different formats but include both graphical and tabular as standard. Our platform’s analytics are detailed and robust, providing decision-makers with competitive market intelligence on which to base their decisions with confidence.

The Vypr team are also available to provide customers with additional expert analysis when required. We’re experienced in helping our customers define the ‘so what?’ and leverage reliable insights for business success.

Our agile and flexible approach ensures that fieldwork is supercharged and that results are available quickly. All reporting data is clear and easy to understand, and customers can request information in multiple formats. We know transforming insights into action isn’t easy. That’s why we are always on hand to support the final stage of the decision-making process — addressing the ‘so what?’.

Drive your international product development with Vypr

Vypr is the world’s leading product intelligence platform that enables businesses to understand changing consumer behaviour through fast, cost-effective consumer insight.

Our global product intelligence platform helps customers conduct high-quality research with consumer audiences in multiple international markets. We’re able to simultaneously maintain depth by combining this with our unique approach to targeting and global market segmentation.

We also offer world-class customer support, behavioural science-backed methodologies and an industry-leading technology platform.

Develop products tailored to your consumers with Vypr

Vypr is the world’s leading product intelligence platform that enables businesses to rapidly understand changing consumer behaviour through fast, cost-effective consumer insight.

Use our platform’s audience segmentation features to reach the right audience more efficiently and develop successful products that resonate with your consumers.