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Empowers your business with robust and reliable customer data.

What is product intelligence?

To increase customer engagement and customer retention, it is essential to take a consumer-first approach in your product development process. That’s why product intelligence is a crucial facet of modern product development.

Product intelligence uses predictive consumer insights to inform product and brand decisions. This intelligence gives businesses greater insight into how customers feel about a certain product.

Customer experience and user behaviour data can provide your business with actionable insights on how to pivot strategies and better reflect consumer needs. Having access to fast, cost-effective consumer insights also helps drive agile processes, as product teams don’t have to sift through long customer interviews for research.

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What is Vypr?

Vypr offers consumer intelligence to manufacturers and retailers. This benefits managerial teams in insight, product development, innovation, category, and marketing. We help teams collaborate throughout the development process, setting you up for success.

Integrate our product intelligence platform into your business to develop and optimise successful products, faster.

Take the guesswork out of decision-making

Replace blind assumptions with data-driven decisions. Vypr helps you put the consumer’s needs and product experiences at the heart of your development process. Your consumers tell you exactly what works for them, helping you understand your target market better.

Predictive consumer intelligence accelerates your product process by giving you rapid, low-cost data. This promotes better user experiences and customer success rates.

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Built on science

Our product intelligence platform is backed by the latest behavioural science research. We turn decision-making into a science with data-driven product optimisation.

Vypr uses an agile, evidence-based approach. It assists you in predicting the success or failure of ideas at each stage of the product development process.

Consumer data from real people

If you want accurate consumer data, you need answers from real people. We harness behavioural data through our app from our Vypr Community of over 75,000 users.

At Vypr, we strive to collect reliable consumer data. Our community is proprietary, allowing us to properly engage them and avoid ‘click for cash’ consumers. ​We give our consumers integrity scores and remove ‘bad actors’ with no hesitation. Our rigorous processes ensure you get robust, reliable and genuine data.

Accelerate your product processes

Agile product development principles sit at the heart of what we do, resulting in:

  • Increased efficiency — By lowering costs whilst increasing success rates
  • Faster products-to-market — By allowing you to spend less time in endless decision discussions

This means better products faster. Vypr incorporates agile principles into your existing workflow, replacing costly and wasteful processes.

Combining agile principles with predictive consumer intelligence can help you achieve success.

Make better decisions and deliver winning products with Vypr

With Vypr, you can optimise and speed up the product development process through robust consumer insight. Test concepts and get valuable data from your target consumer for opinions on:

  • Market intelligence
  • Product format
  • Product names
  • Packaging design
  • Pricing
  • Marketing messages
  • And more

Our platform helps speed up product development by making data-driven decisions easy.

How does Vypr work?

Evidence-based decisions help create products that resonate with consumers. This leads to better products faster — be it for new product development (NPD) or product innovation.

With Vypr, you gain access to the Vypr Community – a large, diverse and exclusive community of consumers. Use our customer insight platform to create steers (what we call questions) for a better understanding of what consumers want. Our tools help you analyse product intelligence data and inform your product development ongoing.

Step 1

Upload your brand or product questions onto our simple-to-use desktop platform. Our expert team can guide you to create clear questions that ensure data reliability.

Once published, your questions become live ‘steers’ delivered to our diverse Vypr Community via the mobile app.

Step 2

Consumers answer the steers via the mobile app. Our steers use behavioural science to encourage quick and instinctive responses. This is how we increase engagement and enhance data integrity.

Once the consumers have responded to the qualitative and quantitative steers, you will be able to review the results.

Step 3

Armed with reliable data analysis and actionable insights, you can gain an in-depth understanding of consumer intent, preferences and user behaviour.

In fast-changing markets, having product data and insights into customer behaviour is crucial. Especially within your target segment, this information is vital for success.

“Vypr is truly brilliant – you get an instant understanding of what your target audience wants and needs. The responses come within 24 hours and are completely invaluable and have helped us gain listings with supermarkets and gain PR exposure.

Dean Dempsey,
Naturelly Founder

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Drive your product development with Vypr

Vypr is the world’s leading product intelligence platform that enables businesses to understand changing consumer behaviour through fast, cost-effective consumer insight.