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Elevate your product development strategy with cost-effective video insights that bring consumer feedback to life.

What is VyPops?

With VyPops, you get real-time access to consumer insight videos that help you better understand how your target audience views certain brands or products. This rich, qualitative data provides a game-changing awareness for your team.

See real consumers talking about your brand and products with VyPops, a quick, accessible and cost-effective way to get consumer video research. VyPops is designed for use across all teams, including Category, Marketing, Brand, Commercial, and New Product Development (NPD).

Video responses help you form a more realistic view of consumer sentiments by analysing their body language, facial expressions and tone of voice. So you’re collecting more than just the raw data and adding depth to your statistics and data.

Add video into your processes to strengthen consumer understanding and make the right product decisions to achieve better customer satisfaction.

Elevate your decision making with VyPops

Use VyPops to gain valuable consumer video insights and develop your products in line with what customers really want.

Some of the features and functions that make VyPops stand out are:

  • Robust video insights at the perfect length to capture qualitative feedback
  • A fast, reliable and high-quality customer insight tool
  • Granular targeting to specific demographics
  • Strict moderation criteria to ensure usable videos
  • Transcripts and sentiment analyses
  • The ability to clip your videos to capture key quotes

Impress colleagues and stakeholders with your next presentation — Vypr it with VyPops. 

How VyPops can help your process

Get better insight into consumer habits, patterns and thoughts. You can also analyse visual cues and tone fluctuations to support your data or get a clearer, bigger picture.

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Ask the consumer to show you something

Asking questions like “What herbs and spices do you have in your pantry?” allows you to get a host of visual insights. These insights may include storage methods, usage patterns, and product or brand preferences.

Understand macro trends in the market

Use VyPops to not only voice consumer concerns but also humanise their difficulties. Gain valuable shopper insights by posing steers like “Tell us about your day-to-day shopping experience?” or What expenses are you most worried about?”

Ask what they really think about your product or brand

Add value or validation to presentations by letting customers talk about how they really feel about your product or brand. Using the Vypr customer insight platform, you can engage consumers with steers like “Explain your thoughts on [specific brand]” or “What is your favourite product from [brand]” to get honest consumer insights.

When can I use VyPops?

Use VyPops whenever you want to hear a consumer‘s voice and strengthen your product process with robust consumer insights. You can use VyPops at the beginning of your product development process to get a better understanding of what your target audience wants and what their pain points are. Or, use video responses throughout the development cycle to optimise and tweak any aspects of your product as you go.

With its broad business applications, the possibilities of this qualitative shopper insight platform are endless.

Why add VyPops to your process?

Here’s how VyPops can help you build better products and ensure product success:

Understand your consumers

With video, you can get insights into consumer motivations, barriers to purchase, likes and dislikes to better understand your consumers. Video will supplement your research in a visually stunning and engaging way, giving you at least 3 times more content than a written response.

Stay connected to shifting behaviour

Keep up with behaviour in an ever-changing world. Video helps you stay more connected with changing consumer behaviour. By giving you more insight cues, from tone of voice to facial expressions, VyPops helps you stay ahead of the curve.

Sell your products faster

Get better products on shelves with video evidence. With visually compelling video insight, you’ll not only be able to make better decisions, but you will create compelling presentations that are sure to guarantee success.

How does VyPops work?

VyPops is an easy-to-use feature on the Vypr platform. It allows you to get a better understanding of the effectiveness of your product messaging, design and more through consumer insight videos.

Simply post your open questions (what we call steers) to your target audience and receive consumer responses quickly via video. 


Upload your question via Vypr’s desktop platform, targeting your consumers. One click, and this becomes a live steer on our mobile app for your target customers.


The Vypr Community is notified of your steer via our consumer-facing mobile app. They then record their video responses for you.


We deliver 15 robust, moderated video responses for your team to consider. You can playback, clip, analyse and download directly.

Get reliable consumer insight videos with Vypr

Vypr is the world’s leading product intelligence platform that enables companies to rapidly understand changing consumer behaviour through fast, cost-effective consumer insight.

We offer a proprietary panel of over 75,000 vetted community members who use the Vypr app to receive and respond to steers. So whenever you publish a steer, you’ll receive valuable, high-quality feedback in real-time, allowing you to make better product and marketing decisions faster.

VyPops is an easy and affordable way to get video insight that will power product success. Ready to add video to your process? Try a free video steer today.