Cost-effective video insights that bring consumer feedback to life.

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“We used VyPops for a piece of work on directional trend insight for Product Development here at M&S Food. The ability to hear context on big trends driving product development but in customers own words has been hugely valuable. These soundbites are very useful as an communication tool in the business, bringing subjects to life with authenticity through short video reels of panellists.”

Marks & Spencer

Insight Partner, Food

Designed for use across all teams, including:

Category, Marketing, Brand, Commercial, and NPD

See real consumers talking about your brand and products with VyPops – a quick, accessible and cost-effective way to get consumer video research.

Add video into your processes to strengthen consumer understanding and make the right product decisions.

Why Add VyPops to Your Process?

Understand What Your Consumers Want

Develop the products consumers really want – with video, you can understand consumer motivations, barriers to purchase, likes and dislikes, to better understand your consumers. Video will supplement your research, in a visually stunning and engaging way, giving you at least 3 times more content than a written response.

Stay Connected to Shifting Behaviour

Keep up with behaviour in an ever-changing world – video helps you stay more connected with changing consumer behaviour by giving you more insight cues from tone of voice to facial expressions, helping you to unlock true insight.

And Sell Your Products Faster

Get better products on shelves with video evidence – with visually compelling video insight, you’ll not only be able to make better decisions, but you will create compelling presentations that are sure to guarantee success.

VyPops is an easy way to get video insight that’ll power product success. 

Ready to add video into your process?

How Does it Work?

VyPops is an easy-to-use feature on the Vypr platform. Simply post your open questions to a target audience, and see consumer responses quickly via video. 

With VyPops you get robust video insights, which: 

  • Have no requirement for editing
  • Are the perfect length to capture Qualitative feedback
  • Are fast, reliable, and high-quality
  • Allow granular targeting to specific demographics

And give you the ability to impress colleagues and stakeholders with your next presentation! 

Not only this, other features include:

  • Strict moderation criteria to ensure usable videos
  • Transcripts and sentiment analyses

When Can I Use It?

Use VyPops whenever you want to hear a consumer voice and strengthen your product process with robust consumer insights.

With its broad business application, the possibilities are endless.


Ready to hear from your consumers?