Delivering product intelligence in the USA

Access robust product intelligence in the USA. Gain a strategic advantage over competitors with actionable insights that inform your product decisions.

The US market

The US consumer landscape is a complex tapestry of diverse demographics, technological shifts, and evolving preferences.

Key trends shaping the market include generational differences, the rise of e-commerce and mobile shopping, demand for personalisation and sustainability, and a focus on health and wellness. Digital engagement, convenience, and the experience economy are driving consumer behavior, while the growing multicultural market presents unique opportunities.

Value-conscious shopping coexists with premium product demand, and consumers increasingly expect seamless omnichannel experiences.

As data privacy concerns grow, understanding these trends is essential for businesses aiming to connect with American consumers effectively.

  • Capital: Washington DC
  • Currency: $ (USD)
  • Population: 341,800,000
  • Primary language: English (US)
  • GDP growth: 5.9%
  • Inflation rate: 3.5%
  • Total MR spend: $76bn (rank #1)
  • MR spend per capita: $215

How can we help?

A consumer-centric development process helps foster enhanced user experiences, resulting in improved product performance and higher customer success rates.

Vypr’s purpose-built platform integrates directly with a large US proprietary community. Our predictive consumer intelligence platform provides access to fast, cost-effective data, so you can uncover insights about your target audience. Direct engagement creates a deeper understanding of local consumers and what resonates with them.

This helps you identify the unique needs and pain points of US consumers. By relying on data-driven insights rather than unsupported assumptions, you can make informed product decisions to increase your market share. Use these actionable insights to promote innovation and tailor your development processes to your target audience.

When buying Kombucha, what things are most important to your purchase? (Select top 3)

Natural ingredients
Health benefits
Sugar content
The brand
Resealable packaging
None of the above

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Precision targeting to find the right audience

Our US sample is large enough to support a vast array of consumer targeting capabilities. Our extensive and diverse proprietary panel grants you access to previously hard-to-reach US audiences.

At Vypr, your dedicated Customer Growth Partner will help evaluate and optimize your Private Demographics, maximizing the effectiveness of your targeting strategy.

The Public Demographics feature enables precise targeting based on general characteristics such as age, gender, region or household income.

For more specific targeting, our Private Demographics allow you to focus on particular attributes, opinions or behavioral patterns not covered by Public Demographics. This includes the following.

  • Targeting category or brand purchasers
  • Segmenting by attitudinal statements
  • Purchase frequency (light, medium, or heavy)
  • Other custom criteria

Audience segmentation tools enable you to target the most relevant audiences.

“Vypr has been super helpful in settling our internal debates and making sure that we’ve optimised our product for our customers. The results so far look positive.”

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Blended methodologies that deliver robust outputs

By combining qualitative and quantitative methodologies, we enable businesses to uncover precise insights into the intent, preferences and behavior of US consumers. Our robust methodology ensures data accuracy across various testing scenarios, from product ideas to brand execution and packaging formats.

Consistent data reliability empowers you to make informed, data-driven decisions. You can trust in the quality of our data, whether used during agile product ideation or while brainstorming future improvements.

We leverage principles of behavioral science to gather quick, instinctive ‘System 1’ answers from respondents. This approach enhances your understanding of consumer actions and provides valid, reliable data that accurately reflects typical buying behavior in the USA.

How does it work?

We understand that premium market research depends on audience and sample quality. That’s why we have spent time and other resources building strong relationships across our proprietary communities.

These relationships facilitate our ability to target precise audiences, reinforce data integrity and representativeness, and ensure we gather robust knowledge for actionable consumer insights.

Our community panel and insights platform delivers robust, consumer-centric solutions. This makes Vypr the ideal choice for brands seeking product intelligence services across both American and international markets.

Step 1

We combine our expertise with great technology and people to deliver premium results for our customers. Work with our expert Customer Support Team to define your requirements and we’ll recommend a tailored and robust research methodology to meet them.

We typically take a combined qualitative and quantitative approach. We offer you the opportunity to conduct monadic, comparative and A/B testing, apply sentiment analysis, gather video responses and much more.

Step 2

Precision targeting enables you to tailor your research approach to gain the most accurate and useful data possible. Vypr’s precision targeting capability is now available across all international markets, including the US. This expansion empowers customers to gather highly specific and relevant data from audiences worldwide.

Our differentiated approach to targeting means that we can create and attach bespoke attributes to our audience. These Private Demographics are unique to Vypr and give you the ability to target and filter your sample audience for precise outputs.

You can publish steers (our term for question) online for fast responses, with results available shortly after.

Step 3

Steer results are available in several different formats, with graphical and tabular as standard. Our detailed and robust analysis provides reliable insights on which you can base important business decisions.

The Vypr team are also available to provide additional analysis when required. We’re experienced in defining the ‘so what?’ and transforming knowledge into action.

Our flexible and agile innovation process ensures quality fieldwork and fast results. We provide straightforward reporting data that’s easy to understand and available in multiple formats.

We understand the challenges of transforming intelligence into action. Our expert team is on-hand to support your planning and decision-making, so you can effectively address the ‘so what?’

Our clients work closely with in-house market research experts and Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) professionals. This team helps guide and shape data collection efforts for the industry and task at hand.

Discover how businesses are leveraging Vypr’s international consumer insights platform for robust product intelligence and a competitive edge in the US market.

Vypr: Innovative & reliable product intelligence software

Vypr is the world’s leading product intelligence platform that enables businesses to understand changing consumer behavior through fast, cost-effective consumer insight.

We have the breadth of capability to help our clients gather reliable product intelligence across the USA and in other international markets [LINK:]. We’re able to simultaneously maintain depth by combining this with our unique approach to targeting.

Alongside our market research and intelligence, we also offer world-class customer support, behavioral science-backed methodologies and brand tracking tools. 

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Worldwide consumer and market intelligence

We’re excited to be able to offer our customers a global product intelligence platform. At Vypr, we have been helping customers successfully access product intelligence in Europe for the last 5 years.

We find that most of our customers want to work with a single trusted market research agency that can service their requirements across multiple countries.

The expansion of our communities to include capability across more international markets underlines our ongoing commitment to investing in our customers’ success. Our international agenda will propel Vypr into 6 continents.