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No More Guesswork

Vypr puts the consumer at the heart of the innovation process, removing the need for blind assumptions.

Rapid and robust consumer data supports your ideas at every stage, accelerating innovation.

How Can Vypr Help?

Discover how Vypr can help you with concept screenings, packaging product claims and so much more.

Concept Screening

Vypr helps you identify your strongest concepts by enabling you to get consumer input at every stage.


Not sure what packaging would resonate best with consumers? Upload images of your packaging ideas to see which appeal to consumers the most.

Test variations in colour, imagery, pack shape, and more, to understand how to maximise chances of listing and on-shelf performance.

Product Claims

Getting your messaging right is key – now you can test which claims work best. By split-testing your on-pack wording with hundreds of consumers in near real-time, Vypr takes the guesswork out of the process.