Calbee Harvest Snaps


Discover how Vypr helped Calbee successfully launch a new plant-based snack range, compliant with new HFSS restrictions.

“We’re delighted to say that as a result of this research, Harvest Snaps is listed in Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, and Ocado, and it’s due to be listed in two more major retailers this year. We continue to use Vypr to help us better inform our plans. It’s been a real pleasure to work with Vypr on such a key launch for our business.”

Helen Robertshaw

Head of Category at Calbee


About Calbee UK

Calbee UK, part of the wider global Japanese snack-manufacturer, Calbee Inc., are an innovative, ambitious company, with a vision to create healthier snacks to transform the UK and European bagged-snacks category.

Recent UK legislation to restrict the promotion of food products high in (saturated) fat, salt, and sugar (HFSS), means innovation is needed to ensure continued success amid a changing environment.

Under this new legislation, it was the perfect time for Calbee to launch a new plant-based snack range, Harvest Snaps, that was non-HFSS, and healthier (baked, not fried), without sacrificing on taste, and they needed quick, reliable research to do so.

How Vypr helped

Working with the team at Vypr allowed Calbee UK to achieve the quick and robust research they needed, to:

  • Optimise product packaging and marketing messages
  • Decide which product flavours to launch
  • Confirm consumer demand for the product, both in general, and by different retailers shopped at
  • Find out the optimal price point for the brand

Running a variety of Steers on Vypr allowed Calbee to rapidly innovate a top product, compliant with changing legislation.

Successful outcomes

As a result of the research, the new Harvest Snaps range has been launched in Sainsbury’sWaitrose, and Ocado, and is due to be listed in two more major retailers in 2022.

Vypr consumer intelligence data revealed that over 80% of major retailer shoppers surveyed said they would likely buy the new Harvest Snaps range. Achieving rapid, reliable, and robust insights on Vypr, including these key propensity to purchase statistics, gave Calbee UK the confidence that their product would perform well on shelves, and also meant they could prove to retailers that their respective shoppers would buy the products once launched.

The range appears to be doing well now launched, and as it falls below the proposed government HFSS restrictions, the product can still be merchandised in promotional display space after the new legislation comes into force.

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