Castle Howard

Discover how Vypr helped Castle Howard plan for post-pandemic.

“The outcome of the market research has been widely shared with stakeholders at Caste Howard and has directly influenced this year’s plans for the Farm Shop. It will lead to some follow-up research, as we now know what is possible!”

Abbi Ollive

Head of Marketing and Sales at Castle Howard

Castle Howard

About Castle Howard

Castle Howard is one of the UK’s 10 treasure houses and is known as one of Yorkshire’s best-loved tourist attractions, welcoming visitors from across the globe since 1700. Like most of the tourism industry in the UK, Castle Howard was feeling the effects of COVID-19. In order to accelerate economic recovery, they were committed to finding a way to get better customer insights.

The Farm Shop

The Farm Shop at Castle Howard has provided an essential service for local communities during the pandemic. They had a hunch that customers’ motivations had shifted towards shopping local and placing more value on fresh, seasonal, locally sourced produce.

How Vypr helped

Working with the team at Vypr allowed Castle Howard to establish the following communities:

  • Customers who have either visited or are aware of Castle Howard
  • Castle Howard members
  • Castle Howard Farm Shop shoppers

Successful outcomes

The results from the research have allowed Castle Howard to shape their future business plan for retail and events offering

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