Easter 2022 – Consumer Insight

Easter brings about a lot of traditions and consumer trends, and we wanted to find out what the UK is doing for the occasion this year, by asking the nationally representative Vypr community of 60,000+ consumers.

How many people are celebrating Easter this year?

82% of the representative Vypr Community said they’d be celebrating.

How will people celebrate?

1 – With Easter Eggs, of course!

Chocolate Easter eggs are probably what springs to mind for many when thinking about Easter time, but you can see them on shop shelves a long time before the occasion.

So, when do consumers buy them?

74% of people said they buy their Easter eggs close to the Easter period, which meant March and April this year. Less than 5% said they purchase them in January and February (…which does pose the question – are they being sold too early in supermarkets?)

And what is the nation’s favourite Easter egg brand?

We used a free text research question (Steer) to collect generic responses, and then a Single Answer to quantify brands and determine the winner, which was… Cadbury’s!

Cadbury (e.g. Dairy milk, Mini eggs, Crème egg) – 36%

– Lindt – 24%

– Thorntons – 12%

– Luxury brands (e.g. Hotel chocolat) – 12%

– Mars (e.g. Galaxy, Malteasers, Celebrations) – 9%

– Other – 7%

Consumer preferences of Easter eggs did differ between demographics, especially by the main supermarket the consumer shops at – find out more by sorting through the results on our interactive dashboard here

How Else will People Celebrate?

2 – With a Gathering, Event, or Outing

Social gatherings may have been put on hold previously due to the pandemic, but this year 71% of people said they’d be having an Easter gathering with friends and/or family.

And let’s not forget the popular tradition – Easter egg hunts! 49% of the nationally representative sample will be having one this year – 27% will be doing one at home, and 22% going to one outdoors.

– Of those that answered, around 67% of consumers with children up to 18 years old will be doing one – but around 30% of those without any children will also be taking part in the fun – good for them! 😊

Going out is also a priority for many – 50% of people will be going away on holiday over the long Easter weekend.

3 – With a Meal

Another way many people celebrate Easter is with a nice meal – 88% of people will be eating a home-cooked meal for the occasion this year.

For traditional Easter Sunday lunch, the top preference is still lamb, but plenty of people are choosing other options – see their preferences and find out more on what else makes a great Easter (i.e. Hot Cross Buns!) in the Vypr Easter video below!


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