Halloween 2022 – Consumer insight

Halloween is here! When visiting a supermarket in October, you’ll find Halloween costumes (near the Christmas decorations), sweets, and even spooky-themed foods.

There’s no ignoring the traditions this festival brings, and we wanted to find out what the UK is doing for the occasion this year, by asking the Vypr community of consumers – read on for our research summary!

How many people are celebrating Halloween this year?

57% of the nationally representative Vypr Community said they’d be celebrating.

The figure was higher for those with children in their household, of which 78% said they’d be celebrating, compared to only 44% of those without children.

How will they be celebrating?

The top 3 ways people will celebrate are:

  • 25% by welcoming trick or treaters
  • 22% by decorating the house
  • And another 22% by watching a scary film!

Other ways people are celebrating this year:

  • 16% going trick or treating
  • 12% visiting a pumpkin patch
  • 12% dressing up in a costume
  • 10% hosting/attending a party
  • 9% celebrating at a pub/club/bar

But Inflation Creeping Up is Dampening some Celebrations

Unfortunately, 9% of consumers that usually celebrate Halloween won’t at all this year, due to rising costs of living.

And 23% of consumers are generally spending less this year, across several Halloween traditions.

Despite this, many are still spending on sweets, either for themselves or trick-or-treaters – a big part of Halloween!

But what’s the best Halloween sweet brand?

We asked consumers and compared the results to our research last year, to see if preferences have changed. Watch our Halloween video below to find out the results!

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