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Discover how a household-name skincare brand used Vypr to earn a 13x return on investment.


With bold ambitions to boost sales and uncover new consumers, our longstanding client turned to the Vypr platform for strategic marketing support. The skincare brand is already a UK household name, with a growing presence across North America, the Middle East and Europe. Having worked with this client over several years, they were well aware of Vypr’s precision targeting capabilities, in this case, its ability to reach affluent women with graduate degrees or higher.

The brand was looking to use market intelligence and consumer insights to generate more sales through optimised messaging.


Together with our client, we established three core marketing objectives:

Power-up consumer targeting and discover new potential customers, with data-driven analysis

Turbo-charge sales with compelling product messaging, especially for best sellers

Optimise website revenue with proven claims, solid statistics, and relevant wording


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Using a blend of qualitative and quantitative analysis, our strategy was to identify the brand’s core consumer groups. From there, we employed scientific methods to determine which messaging most appealed to them.

Here is a breakdown of the process:

Create hyper-specific customer profiles
We started the process by analysing consumers who had visited specific health and beauty websites within given timeframes and frequencies.

From there, we filtered this data with the essential insights and analytics we had already generated for the clients.

This resulted in distinct customer profiles, including undiscovered consumer groups.
Determine customer-exclusive preferences for product claims
We surveyed existing customers to pinpoint which claims and messaging would most attract them to products.

Presented with a selection of claims, customers selected which ones most appealed to their needs and preferences.

The updated claims and messaging were added on-pack to products and the client also chose to include them in website copy too.
Develop, test and fine-tune brand messaging across all profiles
To optimise website engagement and discovery, we trialled different messaging across the various consumer profiles

It was also an opportunity for the client to test their own hypothesis

With extensive analysis and finetuning, we pinpointed the most appealing messaging and claims across all target consumer profiles.


As well as strengthening their brand presence and appealing to more customers, our client benefitted in seven quantifiable ways:

  • We successfully created all of their 360-degree consumer profiles, which are at the heart of the brand’s current marketing strategy.
  • Our research enabled all of the previously discovered segments to be re-engaged in less than an hour, validating the ongoing relevancy of these groups, the team was able to move quickly into the campaign, increasing their productivity by up to 20%.
  • The brand enjoyed an increased click-through rate on digital advertising that increased its marketing efficiency and drove down the cost to acquire by 16%.
  • Products were re-branded with Vypr’s data-backed claims and messaging, leading to a 14% uplift in sales.
  • The compelling product claims have helped to increase the brand’s reach both in-store and online. In the UK alone, we found them listed across 27 retailers, including 17 major outlets.
  • Thanks in part to the success of the profiles, messaging and claims, our client is planning to confidently expand to the US markets. Our work is fundamental to this strategy.
  • In terms of cost efficiency, we calculate that this client earned a 13x return on this investment.

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