Innovate 2.0 - How Does Agile Fit in to Stage Gate?

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What will you learn?

Presented by Bill Harte, co-author of the Agile Innovation Playbook, you will learn the following:

  • The successful combination of Agile and traditional organisations.
  • How to integrate Agile Innovation outputs with Stage-Gate processes.
  • Managing innovation with an agile mindset.

Reach innovation success

Who is the content from Innovate 2.0 for?

Reach innovation success

Anyone who works in...

The Retail, Manufacturing or Consumer Good sector looking to: 

  • Implement successful innovation, to generate world-class products
  • Adapt to a constantly changing environment, in a profitable and sustainable way
  • Transform innovation success, for the future

Meet the Host

Bill Harte is the co-author of  The Agile Innovation Playbook

Innovation has been in Bill’s blood working in consumer goods manufacturers since 1995. Bill’s first true innovation job was in 2003, and he has subsequently generated millions of pounds in new products for large multinationals such as Diageo and Muller, as well as a multitude of startups. In 2010, after working in innovation in Japan for Diageo, Bill realised that innovation in CPG as a process was failing. Bill started on a journey to find a better way to innovate, culminating in a unique Agile Innovation approach that has the consumer absolutely at the heart of innovation, which can work whatever your innovation budget.