Marks & Spencer

Discover how Vypr helped Marks & Spencer, one of the UK’s largest clothing and food retail brands, leveraged Vypr’s cutting-edge video insights tool, VyPops, to gain valuable consumer video responses to enhance their annual trends and insight report.

“The critical benefit of the VyPops service is that we were also able to use the Vypr platform to reach the right customers to speak to for our focus themes. That level of accuracy to hear the right voices is invaluable”

Chloe Wilks

Insights Partner for M&S Food

Marks & Spencer

About Marks & Spencer

Marks and Spencer PLC, also known as M&S, are one of the largest British retail clothing and food companies. The headquarters of the firm are in London, and they have almost 1,000 stores in the UK. Vypr has been working with M&S for over 2 years.

M&S publish an annual Customer Insight Trend Report. The aim is to provide valuable context on the prominent trends that shape product development. To give these trends a more realistic perspective, M&S has sought to gather insights directly from their customers using video

How Vypr helped

By working with the team at Vypr and using its product intelligence platform, Marks & Spencer used VyPops to;

  • To provide a human and real perspective on consumer insights.
  • The ability to target specific consumer groups about key themes, such as cost of living, on-demand eating, and flexible routines
  • For the product development team to deliver their innovation pipeline vision

Successful outcomes

Marks & Spencer used VyPops to support its food trends research and product development planning, resulting in accurate, high-impact videos that complemented the data and analysis conducted for the report.

Video insights are a powerful tool for brands to gain a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour, preferences, and opinions.

The videos were embedded into a live digital report cascaded to internal teams who need access to this information on an ongoing basis, helping them deliver their three to five year vision for their innovation pipeline.

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