A picture of gym equipment

Gym trends: how to entice new users and inspire current subscribers

The fitness industry is booming and is set to reach important milestones in the UK, including the number of gyms topping 7,000, memberships exceeding 10 million, and the market value coming to £5 billion. We ran a demographic steer asking just under eight thousand people how often they visit the gym. The results we obtained showed […]

The deposit return scheme on drinks: what should retailers get ready for?

Regulations for Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) for drinks cans and bottles have been published in the Scottish Parliament this year, expected to become a law in 2020, and go live in 2021. Following this, DRS will likely be enforced in England and Northern Ireland in 2023.  Although it isn’t imminent, there’re a few reasons that […]

Chunks of chocolate

Would a chocolate price hike affect consumer preferences?

Sugar reduction is a big trend, supported by the government and publicised by public health campaigns. The majority of consumers do realise that cutting down on sugar would contribute to better health and weight management. However, compromising on indulgent moments with a chocolate bar of choice is a too big sacrifice for many.  Vypr estimates […]

Lidl’s online delivery service: what should they offer?

Lidl, currently the only major supermarket chain in the UK not currently offering an online delivery service, is finally considering starting one, as reported by a few media outlets. This comes after a launch in Ireland last year, using a third-party provider. For the UK market Lidl is said to have registered a holding company, called […]

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