Are alternative proteins the way to a sustainable food industry?

In May 2016, a study by the Vegan Society revealed that 3.25% of the UK population are vegetarian or vegan, with numbers continuing to rise. There are also those that don’t classify themselves as vegetarian or vegan, but want to reduce meat consumption for environmental reasons. Some of the alternatives to traditional meat and dairy […]

Can Tesco’s new discount store Jack’s compete with Aldi and Lidl?

Tesco are launching their new discount store, Jack’s, this September, and planning to roll out 10 to 15 stores across the UK within the next six months. The stores will contain around 2,600 product lines, which are mostly Jack’s branded. They will be positioned next to Tesco stores or be converted Tesco stores.

Is sustainable food packaging important to consumers?

Sustainable food packaging: how important is it to consumers?

According to a recent article from The Guardian, shoppers are starting to prioritise whether they can recycle or reduce their food packaging when shopping. Previously, the primary concern for shoppers was price, but emerging trends are continuing to gather pace: environmental considerations, vegetarianism and veganism, and ethically-sourced produce.

How Evidence-based Innovation can Improve on Traditional Approaches

85% of new products fail in the first year. The cost to develop a product is too high in comparison to its performance, and the innovation process in consumer goods is not as streamlined as it could be.

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