Potential New Additions for Starbucks France Range: What Would Work?

Coffee drinking is part of French culture, which makes hot coffee ranges in foodservice an important consideration. On the one hand traditionalism means consumers often stick to country-specific classics, on the other hand it is likely that younger or more experimental consumers would seek novelty.  French coffee is typically served short and black, with milky coffee […]

Meat quality concerns: which on-pack messages are most convincing?

The UK’s meat market could be flooded with cheaper produce as a result of a post-Brexit trade deal with the US, The Independent has reported in the beginning of February. If this happens, controversial products such as imported chlorinated chicken and beef with added hormones might make their way to British supermarket shelves. Take chlorinated chicken in […]

Valentine’s Day: Picks from Lush’s Special Collection

Every year Valentine’s day sees people purchase heart-adorned cards, boxes of chocolate, and bouquets of red roses. The 14 February event is heavily commercialised with retailers competing to entice men and women to buy gifts, flowers and cards. In value terms, British consumers spend more than £500m a year on Valentine’s Day, The Independent has […]

Meat-free stock cubes: could a line extension change consumer preferences?

It’s all about plant-based food at the moment, with reported record number of people having signed up to the Veganuary movement last month. This is reflected by new food launches in the UK, as one in five products have been labelled vegan in 2019 according to Mintel figures.  In line with the trend, OXO, the well-known cupboard staple, […]