Sleep cosmetics: which products are winners?

In the beginning of the year many people resolve to change certain habits and accomplish a personal goal. Health and wellbeing are usually seen as the most important areas to be addressed with a New Year’s resolution, as improving them requires long-term commitments. Using a multi-answer steer we asked a nationally representative sample (NatRep) of […]

Airport shopping: what drives travellers’ interest in fragrances?

Travel terminals, airports in particular, have become a booming market for mid-market and luxury brands. Travel retail is now a distinct sector within the retail industry, reported to have the biggest growth opportunities among retail business worldwide. Airport-based shops enjoy a clientele, which is influenced by two factors high street and online retail are unable to take […]

Christmas gin: top trends this year

Brands and retailers have been busy innovating their festive spirits ranges, trying to find the perfect formula for the festive season. Gin continues to be a favourite tipple, especially for gifts and something to impress guests with. We wanted to examine a few trends in festive gin this year. In order to initially filter down […]

E-liquids: what should innovation be focused on?

Globally the e-cigarette market is expanding as the number of vapers rises. Euromonitor data, cited by BBC, shows that UK’s market value for vaping products is currently the second largest in the world, smaller only than the United States. We were interested to find out whether there are any major differences between regular vapers and those […]

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