Shop-bought baby meals: which cuisines are best positioned to inspire NPD?

Starting from four to six months babies are gradually introduced to solid food, adapted to the needs of their age. Between this stage and the age when they start eating regular food, parents can either opt for buying ready-made baby meals or cooking baby food at home. The following baby food stages are commonly used: […]

Strong Roots – how to make a line of frozen vegetables even more successful

Strong Roots is a frozen vegetable and chip brand, which positions itself as premium, healthy, and innovative. It was launched in Ireland in 2015 and later tapped into the UK, currently distributed by all major supermarkets minus the discounters. The brand line-up comprises unconventional frozen vegetable products, including vegan-friendly frozen fries, wedges, veggie burgers, vegetable bites, […]

Protein bars: what do consumers want?

Consumers’ quest for the benefits of a healthy diet has opened the door for health and fitness brands to gain market presence. Sales of take-home snack bars were up 7.1% in 2018 with the volume of bars sold up 3% as cited by the Grocer earlier this year. Health consciousness has meant more people are buying […]

Father’s Day – which businesses will benefit most from last-minute shopping?

Spending on Father’s Day celebrations is estimated to reach £834m in 2019, up 4.4% on 2018, with event sales having seen strong growth in retail since the beginning of the year. Restaurants could also boost revenue by offering various discounts and hosting special events targeted at the occasion.  Using a multi-answer steer we asked our consumer […]

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