Wine pairings with meat-free food: what consumers want

Thoughtfully pairing wine with food can transform a meal. Although there are no rules set in stone, expert advice is available online to help consumers combine food and wine based on certain qualities, such as acidity, of both the food group and the wine. Currently many consumers are moving towards a more plant-based diet, looking […]

Male skincare: do ingredients impact purchase decisions?

Men increasingly use skincare products as part of their daily routine. In April, a Vypr data showed that almost 72% of male consumers in the UK use skincare products, a result based on 8354 responses. It is interesting that this ratio is consistently high across all ages, with Millennials aged 25-34 scoring highest with almost […]

Female fragrance gifting trends: what do consumers want?

UK consumers see fragrances as a great gifting option. A survey from 2016 has revealed that 72% of respondents like receiving fragrances as a gift, while 65% of those who have been in a relationship have purchased a fragrance for their partner as a gift. Perfume being very personal, many shoppers feel uncertain what to […]

Which scents sell air fresheners?

In general, consumers tend to make relatively traditional choices in air freshener fragrances. However, preferences often have a seasonal angle, which could inspire scent innovation in the segment. Air fresheners are often grouped in fragrance families, most popular of which are linen, floral, fruity, gourmet, outdoor and tropical. High end perfumery could also influence some […]

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