Is sustainable food packaging important to consumers?

Sustainable food packaging: how important is it to consumers?

According to a recent article from The Guardian, shoppers are starting to prioritise whether they can recycle or reduce their food packaging when shopping. Previously, the primary concern for shoppers was price, but emerging trends are continuing to gather pace: environmental considerations, vegetarianism and veganism, and ethically-sourced produce.

How Evidence-based Innovation can Improve on Traditional Approaches

85% of new products fail in the first year. The cost to develop a product is too high in comparison to its performance, and the innovation process in consumer goods is not as streamlined as it could be.

Big Brands and the Innovation Struggle: Time to Turn to Startups?

Big Brands and the Innovation Struggle: Time to Turn to Startups?

What do a multi-billion pound global food corporation and a startup with two people working out of their kitchen have in common? It’s pretty simple: overcoming the innovation struggle is key to success for both companies. While the two extremes of the spectrum have vastly different challenges, some big brands are now turning to the […]

Science Uncovers How To Turn New Concepts Into Mainstream Successes.

How Can You Ensure Your New Product Will Be The Next Big Thing? In our last report, we discovered how emerging trends such as Vegan don’t necessarily make products more popular when they hit the mainstream shelves of retailers. So, how can you predict when your product or NPD concepts will tip from being cool with the minority to adopted by the masses and commercially successful?

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