Creative Destruction: Are We Confusing Shoppers?

This week, we’ve tested some of the new and imaginatively named products hitting our stores: Gigglewater Secco (prosecco in a can), Honest Tea, The London Essence Company Low Cal/Low Sugar Mixers Range from Britvic, Prohibition Brew from Budweiser and Mincepie Popcorn from Mackie’s. It can be difficult to decipher what is truly driving purchase behaviour in store and the results suggest that we’re perhaps asking too much of consumers when making decisions.

Maximising Impact From VYPR 3.0.

Split Testing, also known as AB Testing in software development circles, is something that the FMCG industry is yet to embrace. A simple definition of Split Testing is comparing 2 different versions of the same thing to see which performs better. Software Developers use it regularly to test slightly different versions of the same feature to see which one is more impactful. In their world, they create two different

The Best Tools For Accelerating Your NPD.

Here at VYPR, we’re passionate about technology and its ability to enhance the way we work and deliver products to consumers. Here’s a list of some of our favourite tools and techniques for getting ahead:

  1. Feedly Staying abreast of current news and trends is essential for anyone working in NPD. Luckily thanks to the web it’s now easier than ever to do so. Tools like Feedly allow…

Most Common Product Development Mistakes

According to McKinsey, 75% of new products fail in their first year. here’s a few thoughts from our consultants on how to avoid the pitfalls:

  1. No clear brief. NPD for NPD’s sake without clearly defining the objectives is a waste of everyone’s time. It’s vital to set a clear plan at the outset, the objectives should include learnings from the previous development. So, planning for next Christmas must start with the take outs from last Christmas.

  2. Losing sight of your end user. This can be easy to do when there are developers, designers, marketers and agencies to please. It is vital to always focus on a clear idea of your core customer and the problem you are helping them solve. Cosmopolitan is a strong global brand with magazines distributed in more than 100 countries but in 1999 they made a rather bizarre decision to brand and sell yogurt. Needless to say, the yoghurt buying public preferred…

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