Legumes and rice in bowls

Grocery refill stations – will Waitrose’s trial be successful?

The fight against plastic pollution has put pressure on supermarkets to reduce packaging, mostly resulting in more loose fruit and vegetables being made available. Waitrose has recently made a further step in this direction, attempting to spark a refill culture among mainstream shoppers. The supermarket chain has chosen a store in Oxford for an 11-week […]

vitamin D

Vitamin D supplements: future opportunities in retail

Vitamin D is one of the most commonly deficient nutrients, especially in countries that enjoy less sunshine. For this reason, geneticist Steve Jones, one of Britain’s leading scientists, had recently encouraged people to take vitamin D supplements, despite previously having been a supplement sceptic. In a speech at a festival in Wales, Jones highlighted that taking vitamin […]

Dry shampoo: how to optimise innovation for a better product

Dry shampoo has been going strong for the last few years and is expected to retain its popularity in future. A recent industry report suggests that the global dry shampoo market will grow at a CAGR of 6.10% over 2018-2024. We ran a steer to gauge the current UK market, asking our panel whether they buy […]

Wine pairings with meat-free food: what consumers want

Thoughtfully pairing wine with food can transform a meal. Although there are no rules set in stone, expert advice is available online to help consumers combine food and wine based on certain qualities, such as acidity, of both the food group and the wine. Currently many consumers are moving towards a more plant-based diet, looking […]

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