Do we prefer British-sourced products?

With the current uncertainty about our relationship with Europe, we wanted to know whether the UK population care about where their food and products comes from. Are we accepting of products from outside the UK? Does our attitude towards product origin change depending which products we’re talking about?

palm oil industry destroying planet

Will palm oil free products sell better?

A television advert from Iceland highlighting the effects of palm oil has been banned, because it was deemed “too political”. The advert featured an animation from Greenpeace, about an orangutan who is losing their home to palm oil producers. Iceland is the first major UK supermarket to go palm oil free. Greenpeace highlighted the environmental […]

Genetically-modified rice

Will UK consumers accept genetically modified foods?

Genetically modified foods have sparked fierce debate for decades. With Brexit ahead, Britain may have the opportunity to grow GM crops, as the EU are fervently against GM production. But what exactly are genetically modified foods, and are we ready to accept these changes?

Are alternative proteins the way to a sustainable food industry?

In May 2016, a study by the Vegan Society revealed that 3.25% of the UK population are vegetarian or vegan, with numbers continuing to rise. There are also those that don’t classify themselves as vegetarian or vegan, but want to reduce meat consumption for environmental reasons. Some of the alternatives to traditional meat and dairy […]

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