Opinion Busting.

Opinon Busting
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What you will learn?

Presented by Bill Harte, co-author of the Agile Innovation Playbook, you will learn the following:

  • Trends vs Fads 
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Product Truth
  • Messaging
  • New Product Tracking

Early consumer product validation

Who is the webinar for?

Early consumer product validation

Anyone who works in...

The Retail, Manufacturing or Consumer Good sector looking to: 

  • Make the transition to an Agile approach.
  • Learn how to become more sustainable
  • Take the guesswork out of Innovation.

Meet the Host

Bill Harte is the co-author of  The Agile Innovation Playbook

In Bill’s session, he will show you how you can overcome the ever-present and well-intentioned senior leader’s opinion with proof about what consumers really believe, need, or want, and how that can drive profits and save costs.

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