Oscar Mayer & The Gym Kitchen

Find out how Vypr helped chilled ready meal manufacturer Oscar Mayer work with The Gym Kitchen brand to optimise and successfully launch its chilled ready meal range.

“The flexibility of Vypr allowed us to access and build our target audience, asking them specific questions about new products, flavours and everything and anything we really wanted.”

Segun Akinwoleola

Founder of The Gym Kitchen

The Gym Kitchen

Who Are The Gym Kitchen?

Founded by Segun Akinwoleola in 2017, The Gym Kitchen has leveraged the rise in sports nutrition, meal prep and quick-service restaurants.

The brand chose to work in partnership with manufacturer Oscar Mayer to translate and create a ready meal proposition based on this concept. Their product range provides ready meals packed with protein and nutrition for ‘health conscious on-the-go individuals’.

Who Are Oscar Mayer?

Oscar Mayer is a leading chilled ready meal manufacturer in the UK, and worked with The Gym Kitchen to optimise its chilled range.

However, the challenge Oscar Mayer had was that they wanted to understand a highly specific shopper / consumer demographic and found themselves not having the right tools to target this group.

How Vypr helped

By working with the team at Vypr and using its product intelligence platform, Oscar Mayer and The Gym Kitchen could build their ideal target audience, to;

  • Understand their audience’s needs with quick and robust insights, saving time on NPD
  • Test specific recipes and rank for purchasing intent to optimise products
  • Work in an Agile way to bring ideas from hypotheses to commercially viable opportunities

Running a variety of Steers on Vypr across different stages of the product development process allowed the creation of a range thoroughly tailored to consumer needs, a core value of The Gym Kitchen brand.

Successful outcomes

The range has now launched in retailers like ASDA and Tesco, ranking highly in the ready meals category.

Products from the range have been listed on shelves for more than a year, indicating a high success rate in the market, and that products have really resonated with target consumers.

Oscar Mayer intends to keep using Vypr as they work with Segun to further expand The Gym Kitchen’s chilled range, testing new recipes and launching into new product areas.

Working with Vypr enabled the Oscar Mayer process to work in a targeted, efficient and agile way, empowering The Gym Kitchen to fulfill its mission of connecting consumers to meals that support their lifestyle.

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