Professional Services case study

Discover  how one of the Big Four accounting organisations used Vypr to accelerate their GTM planning.


Our customer is a multinational professional services network, and one of the Big Four accounting organisations. Having recently completed successful vendor assistance (VA)work together, in terms of brand assurance and consumer sentiment tracking, our customer returned to Vypr with a new requirement.


Our customer is completing a comprehensive raft of CDD on behalf of their global wholesaler client. The client is looking to our customer for expert support with their planning, in particular market sizing and consumer typologies. The challenge for our customer is that their African-based global wholesaler client is specifically to understand the market opportunity across UK minority ethnic groups and the associated diaspora‚Äôs. Critical information will be used to inform the client’s market entry strategy.

Consumption habits vary greatly between ethnicity, cuisine and channel, dining out and takeaway, making it difficult to accurately size the market. Existing market data in this area is limited, expensive and lacking depth and the client was keen to accelerate their timetable. This meant that traditional research methodologies were quickly ruled out due to speed and cost, which challenged our customer to find a better and more cost-effective solution.


Vypr leveraged its proprietary community of UK consumers, extensive platform capabilities and first-class research expertise to create a blended methodology of qualitative and quantitative questioning.

Profiling and market segmentation
The platform supports the creation of specific and bespoke profiling demographics, which were used to segment the market into ethnicity, cuisine, channel, heritage, specific outlets, and household size. These additional characteristics, alongside the existing information that Vypr holds on all community members including gender, age, and social grade were used to create discrete sub-groups that could be targeted with a range of different questions.

Targeted questioning and data analysis
As well as being able to target discrete consumer typologies, the demographics were also used to filter results retrospectively to identify nuance and build, thentest hypothesis thinking.

Market understanding and brand insights

The activity was completed quickly, accurately, and built a clear picture of the market by cuisine, channel, and ethnicity. In addition, Vypr was able to guide on brand preference and spending by typology and by outlet, which added additional value to the exercise.

Transforming insights into actionable data

Volumetric’s were then used in concert with population data to transform thereporting insights into clear and actionable statements about the marketplace.


Our customer is delighted with the quality of the outputs, as well as the speed that they were received. This has allowed the client to accelerate their GTM planning and strengthened their relationship with our customers. Moving forward our customer is engaging Vypr to support with a broad-range of requirements across CDD, VA, market sizing and consumer landscape, as well as myth-busting and trend validation in support of business development and deal advisory teams.