Find out how RE: NOURISH harnessed consumer insights for strategic expansion

“Vypr has completely changed the way that our business functions, with consumer insight now playing an integral role in our brand strategy and transforming our approach to retailer negotiations. The rapid turnaround in data collection is incredibly beneficial in the fast-paced FMCG market, enabling us to respond swiftly to changes

Amy Bellchambers

Senior Marketing Manager


The Challenge

The soup market in France is very seasonal. This creates limited shelf space, particularly against Gazpacho (a type of cold soup) which is a popular choice in the summer months. Having secured a listing with French supermarket Monoprix last winter, the challenge for RE:NOURISH was to expand their reach across more French retailers for autumn/winter 2023 and establish a year-round demand for their soups. 

The solution: Vypr

Historically, RE:NOURISH had not extensively utilised consumer insight in their selling strategy. The introduction of Vypr data proved to be a game changer, providing evidence to persuade French buyers about the attractive prospects of stocking their product. The key piece of evidence that resonated with retailers was the spotlight on preferred product attributes, exhibited through a comparison of RE:NOURISH soups with the existing range available in the French market. 

In this context, they used Vypr’s ‘Preference Steers’. It helped gain insights into what attributes shoppers most sought after and their likely preference when comparing different brands and product offers. The certainty provided by this rich, data-driven insight was invaluable. 

The outcome

It was revealed that health and convenience are significant drivers for French consumers purchasing fresh soup, aligning perfectly with RE:NOURISH’s unique selling propositions. RE:NOURISH emerged as the most popular bottled soup brand in the French market with more French consumers choosing them over the current branded offers on the shelf (Crealine and Marcel BIO). 

The impact

RE:NOURISH has secured a listing with a major French retailer and is currently in negotiations to expand its distribution network across Paris, a key city with a high concentration of its target consumers.  


RE:NOURISH highlights the value of consumer insights and their pivotal role in shaping results-oriented business strategies. Vypr helped successfully define the crucial balance between understanding consumer behaviours and acting on those insights to persuade retailers and expand in the French market. 

Achieving such market reactivity driven by real, substantial consumer insights, all in a remarkably compact timeframe is a testament to Vypr. Positioned to continue leveraging these informed, responsive decisions, RE: NOURISH is well-equipped to further hone its brand offerings and bolster its market presence.