How can whisky manufacturers up their sales in off-peak times?

We used the Vypr consumer community to predict and understand would encourage non-whisky drinkers to try whisky in the summer period.

Let's Go

We asked our consumer community who don't drink whisky but actively drink spirits and cocktails.

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What would encourage you to try and buy whisky in summer?

To understand opportunities to attract new buyers, we asked our community of non-whisky drinkers that enjoy spirits and cocktails, what would encourage them to give whisky a go over the summer period.
Please note that consumers were given the choice to answer multiple times and those who answered identified as male or female.

Premium options
Lower alcohol content options
More flavoured spirits
A ready to drink can
More access to sample sizes
If part of a cocktail recipe kit
Low calorie options
None of the above

The results are in...

Overall, non-whisky drinkers are open to trying whisky as part of a cocktail kit. Interestingly, male drinkers would be interested in low calorie options with whisky flavours.

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