How important is Sustainable ingredients when buying skincare?

We used the Vypr consumer community to understand how important sustainable ingredients are when buying skincare

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We asked our consumer community who actively buy skincare.

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Would you be willing to pay more for natural, botanical beauty products?

To understand consumer interest in natural products, we asked our community of active skincare buyers if they would be willing to pay more for these products.

Younger buyers would be open to paying more. Click through the filters to find out more.

Yes I would
No I would not
I might consider it

What is important to you when buying skincare?

To understand purchasing preferences when buying skincare, we asked our community of active skincare buyers what was important to them.

We split 50/50 by Gender on this one and found that men prefer a known brand. Click the filters to see more.

Known brand
Sustainable ingredients
Recyclable packing
Product claims
If it's on offer
The full ingredients included on the product
None of the above

The results are in...

Overall, many would consider paying more for natural, botanical beauty products. What’s important to consumers is transparency with ingredients on the product with the claims and a well-known brand

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