What are the Key Benefits of Nootropics to Consumers

We used the Vypr consumer community to understand what consumers think about nootropics

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We asked our nationally representative consumer community about brain boosting supplements.

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Do you take any supplements to boost your brain ability?

To understand attitudes towards brain boosting supplements, we asked our nationally representative community if they take these.

We have filtered by age. We can see that younger consumers do at least occasionally take some brain boosting supplements.

Yes, for medical reasons
Yes, regularly
Yes, sometimes

Which Nootropics benefit sounds most appealing to you?

To understand consumer perception towards products that claim to improve cognition, we asked our nationally representative community which benefit sounds most appealing to them.

We filtered by Gender. Interesingly, men are more interested in improved blood flow than women. Click the filters to see more.

Enhanced learning & motivation
Improved memory & mood
Improved blood flow
Helps attention & focus
Reduce inflammation in the brain
Supports cognitive function

The results are in...

Overall, around half of our community tested have taken some form of brain boosting supplements. For Nootropics, consumers are most drawn to the benefit of improved memory and mood.

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