What Changes Have Consumers Made to Reduce their Environmental Impact?

We used the Vypr consumer community to understand what changes consumers have made regarding sustainability

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We asked our nationally representative consumer community about their environmental impact

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Have you made any changes to your daily routines to reduce your environmental impact?

To understand attitudes towards sustainability, we asked our nationally representative community if they have made any changes to their daily routines.

We have filtered by age. This was a question that allowed consumers to select multiple answers. Most have been recycling more, however, older audiences are reusing more than those younger. Click the filters to see more.

Recycling more
Reusing things more
Using less/alternative transport
Buying local product
Using refillable products
Buying products with less packaging
Reducing meat consumption

Do you think products have clear messaging around how to recycle / dispose of them?

To understand if there is clear product messaging on how to dispose/recycle items, we asked our nationally representative community what they thought.

We filtered this by People in Household. Compared to those who live alone, consumers who live with more than two people believe do think products have clear messaging on how to recycle and dispose of products.

The results are in...

Overall, consumers are recycling more and reusing where they can. 62% of our community think products have clear messaging on how to recycle/dispose of them, but could more be done?

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