What Egg-citing Easter Treats will Consumers Enjoy in 2023?

We used the Vypr consumer community to understand what treats consumers will be enjoying this Easter

Let's Go

We asked our consumer community who are celebrating Easter this year.

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What Easter egg brands do you prefer?

When it comes to Easter treats the chocolate egg is understandably the most popular, but which brands come out on top?

We asked our consumer community who plan to buy Easter Eggs this year what their favourite brands are.

We split this by age as below. We can see that older consumers are less likely to buy Supermarket own brand compared to those who are younger. Click the filters to see more.

Supermarket own brand
Specialist brands (e.g Hotel Chocolat)
Independent brands

Apart from chocolate, what other Easter treats do you plan to buy?

Chocolate eggs aren't the only treats available at Easter. It's a great time for something a bit different.

We asked our consumer community who are celebrating Easter what other treats they are planning to buy.

We filtered by Gender and found that women were more open to treat themselves with Easter themed products. Click the filters to see more.

Easter shaped food (e.g Crumpets)
Original Hot Cross Buns
Flavoured Hot Cross Buns
Themed Cakes
Something else
I don't plan to buy any more treats

The results are in...

Overall, consumers tend to stick to what they're familar with - Cadbury chocolate eggs and Hot cross buns. However there's plenty of opportunity for Easter shaped products & independent brands.

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