What would men like to see in the skincare category?

We used the Vypr consumer community to understand opportunities for men's skincare products

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We asked our consumer community who identify as male and actively buy skincare.

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How do you prefer to buy skincare products?

To understand purchasing preferences when buying skincare, we asked our community of male active skincare buyers if they prefer to buy their products individually or as part of a set.

We found older shoppers prefer to buy individual products. Click the filters to take a deeper look.

As part of a set
A mix of the two

What would you like to see more of when buying skincare for yourself?

To understand opportunities to grow the men's skincare category, we asked our community of male consumers who actively buy skincare what they want to see more of.

This is split by household income.
An interesting trend in middle incomes suggests a great interest in more natural ingredients. Click the filters below to take a deeper look.

Natural ingredients
Specific products tailored to men's skin
Information about the ingredients and benefits
More added skin benefits (e.g Vitamin C)
More multipack sets (e.g Cleanser & moisturiser)

The results are in...

Overall, male consumers like to have access to individual products to suit their needs. The data suggests that more would like skincare tailored to men's skin using natural ingredients.

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